PostFrame Manager, is exactly the product you promised, quick and easy to use, a professional presentation and accurate enabling us to present more attractive, professional and accurate bid proposals to our prospective customers.

Working with you and your staff has always exceeded our expectations from the manner in which our calls we answered by your staff to your constant ability and patience in getting us up to speed.

Tim Anderson – National Barn – Mountain Division

With PostFrame Manager, I’m closing more sales. My customers immediately respond to the 3-D rendering and custom snap shot features.

Kevin Wiggam – New Washington, IN

PostFrame Manager has helped us a great deal with a much better way of costing out a building package, producing material take-offs for purchase ordering and lumber packages etc… It has saved us time and pretty well eliminated material shortages and errors in purchase orders.

PFM has enabled us to design a building to our specifications – Something other post frame programs can’t do.

It has been a great experience working with the Bizportz team. They’ve been very helpful with instructing me on just how the program works and how best to set it up and use it for my way of building. I HIGHLY recommend PostFrame Manager – even to our competitors.

Bernard Simard – Rocanville, SK. CANADA

We have 3 copies of PostFrame Manager and are extremely pleased. It is very user friendly and the technical support is great. The have worked very hard with our company to make all necessary changes to accomodate our needs. It has lowered our job costs considerably by calculating the materials quickly and accurately.

Lee Mallett – Lake Charles, Louisiana

Getting started with PostFrame Manager… after working with Support and better understanding the basic ins-&-outs of the program, it was very clear to me the power that it had. It seemed that no matter what scenario or problem I came up with PostFrame Manager had a solution. The service that I have been getting in order to set up the databases and learn how to use it is incredible.

The online web chats that we have for training are a great tool to give me that hands-on experience while still having someone there to walk me through the tough spots. There are very few limitations to this program which makes it so versatile for all aspects of post frame construction. I speak very highly of this program and the service that bizportz staff provides.

Jeff Fuller, Project Manager – Winsted, MN