Flooring Manager

Introducing Flooring Manager

• Click-and-drag quick creation of any flooring project specifying

user-defined default methods.

• Any change is just a mouse-click away – done in seconds! (style,

settings, material used, etc.)

• Multiple zones

• Special Planking Layouts — Herringbone, Diamond, etc.


Flooring Estimating Made Easy

Flooring Manager is state-of-the art estimating software. But that's just where the story begins.


More than An Estimating Program

Flooring Manager is far more than a simple "estimating" program. This is a material take off, cost estimating, 3D touring, reporting and construction detail print producing system that is far and away the most powerful program of its kind ever produced for the industry.


Take A Virtual Tour

Flooring Manager greatly simplifies the process of producing job quotes, and does so in a small fraction of the time that it has taken in the past. With Flooring Manager you can lay out a job for a prospective customer in minutes, then take that customer on a walking tour showing him/her what their new floor will look like.


Customer Quotes with Photos

Produce customer quotes right on the spot…quotes that include color photo renderings of the proposed flooring taken from any angle you choose.


Construction Drawings, Purchase Orders and Analytical Reports

Produce complete construction drawings as well as purchase orders for all materials by product category. Total "cost" analysis by category, location or specific application. After figuring labor as you do, view a "labor" analysis by location, style, and/or application.

Are you a Flooring Distributor or Retailer?

Consider licensing the Consumer Edition as a Sales Tool.


• Simple product. Easy to use.

• Put your logo in front of customers.

• Put your material selections in front of customers.

• Customers with measured rooms result in fewer returns.

• Customers who already know what their floor will look like

will be better prepared, happier, and more confident.

• High customer perception of you is priceless.


• Oh… and what customer would turn down free software?

Let's talk about gettting your materials and logo in front of

your customers.