PostFrame Manager-CM

Premier Take-Off & Estimating Software Technology

Welcome to the world of PostFrame Manager

  • Click-and-drag quick creation of any building project specifying user-defined default methods.
  • Instantly convert project between post-frame and stud-frame styles.
  • Any change is just a mouse-click away – done in seconds! (Wing size, elevation, material used, etc.)
  • Multiple gable wings
  • Partial-length or full-length lean-tos – any wall
  • Stand-alone mono slope wings
  • Partially open walls
  • Interior division walls
  • Drawings-floor plans, elevations, wall framing detail, steel panel layouts…plus an unlimited # of custom drawings.

Post-Frame Estimating Made Easy

PostFrame Manager is state-of-the art post-frame building estimating software. But that’s just where the story begins!

More than An Estimating Program

PostFrame Manager is far more than a simple “estimating” program. This is a material take off, cost estimating, 3D touring, reporting and construction detail print producing system that is far and away the most powerful program of its kind ever produced for the post-frame construction industry!

User Defined Building Preferences

PostFrame Manager is an individual builder preference driven system. PostFrame Manager doesn’t dictate how you build or trim out your buildings or any other facet of your construction preferences, you tell it. PostFrame Manager instantly adapts to how you build.

Take A Virtual Tour

PostFrame Manager greatly simplifies the process of producing building quotes, and does so in a small fraction of the time that it has taken in the past. With PostFrame Manager you can lay out a building for a prospective customer in minutes, then take that customer on a walking tour of the resulting building showing him/her what their new building will look like.

Customer Quotes with Building Photos

Produce customer quotes right on the spot…quotes that include color photo renderings of the proposed building taken from any angle you choose (exterior, interior, framing view, finished view, eave side, gable side, etc., etc., and anywhere in between).

Construction Drawings, Purchase Orders and Analytical Reports

Produce complete construction drawings as well as purchase orders for all building components by product category. Total “cost” analysis by category, location or specific application. After figuring labor as you do, view a “labor” analysis by building location and/or application.

All the incredible speed and flexibility of other BizSPorts products plus:

  • Commercial post-frame or basic stud-frame
  • 2-story construction – floor joists, doors & windows per floor, interior walls per floor
  • Hip, Clerestory and other added roof styles
  • Wrap-around porches/eyebrows – just click-and-drag
  • Canopies – just click-and-drag

System Recommendations

  • Microsoft Windows 98,2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7. Also compatible with Apple via virtual Windows.
  • Intel-compatible CPU P4 or greater Minimum amount of RAM recommended by the operating system.
  • 500 Mb or more of Hard-disk space available
  • 24 Bit – 96dpi Video Card with a minimum of 64mb of RAM Memory.
  • Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or higher
  • Color Printer

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