Decking Manager Detail 1

There are a lot of deck programs, and most of these seem to be really
good at basic rectangles. They do well for basic decks.
But they’re not
really very good at really interesting shapes or planking.

Decking Manager is an application that helps you design the deck of
your customer’s dream, not just a plain deck. This is the
application that
will solve the basic rectanglar shape and then, just as easily, let you
create the sort of design that amazes and

Let’s look at an example: your customer has about 16 feet along the back
of her house, and she wants to put in a deck that will
fit that. Most of
what you find for deck programs lets you build this:

Assuming that these have a credible 3D, here’s the basic view, then the one
from just inside the door:

Decking Manager can do that. And it can just as easily do this, which
is a great deal more interesting:

Which results in the 3D that looks like:

And of course we peek out the door:

Which of the two decks shown here is appealing, the sort of thing that makes
your customer say “WOW! When can
we get started?”

Decking Manager is the correct software solution for your decking needs.
Using this, you can do the basic deck just
as easily as the other software you
can find on the market. But more importantly, it does what these cannot do: great

designs that inspire your customer.

Not only can you use the great design capabilities, the instant pricing lets you
work with your customer to dial in the
deck they really want.

Any Style. Any Shape. Any Size.