Roofing Manager

Welcome to the world of Roofing Manager

• Click-and-drag quick creation of any roofing project. No shape too weird. No size too big.

• Detailed drawing for each plane calculated.

• Dormers, porches, cupolas, everything is fair game.

• Easily calculate all trim, fasteners, labor, taxes, etc.

• Usually 10 minutes, start to finish.

• Yeah, it’s really that simple.


So You Want To Estimate a Roofing Project…

How long does that take you? Our guess is that it’s longer than 10 minutes.
Does 10 minutes sound more reasonable?


In 10 minutes, can you estimate down to the last fastener, the labor, the
local taxes, EVERYTHING, and produce all of your drawings? If the answer is no,
YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME. Roofing Manager saves you time — and money.


Calculation of Standing Seam is Difficult

Well, make that “it USED to be difficult.” Not any more. Even if you have
to adjust panel start positions on some roof planes, the Roofing Manager
calculation engine takes about 2 seconds to run on a laptop PC, meaning that
you can work iteratively to “dial in” individual problem areas.


This might be a bit faster than the way you used to do things.


User Defined Building Preferences

Roofing Manager is an individual builder preference driven system. This means
you tell it how to lay panels, what trim to put where. It assumes nothing.


Accuracy vs Time — Now You Get Both

Roofing Manager greatly simplifies the process of producing accurate estimates, and
does so in a small fraction of the time that it has taken in the past. With Roofing
Manager you can lay out a project for a prospective customer in minutes,
perhaps even while they wait.

• Optimized for Standing Seam and other panel applications.

• New roofing or re-roofing. No project too big or too small.

• Roof material. Pick any. 16″ wide, 36″, it doesn’t matter.

• Click-and-drag quick creation of any roofing project with
simple or complex shapes.

• Instant optional calculations of substrate layers, fascia,
soffit, etc.

• It’s pretty simple.

• NEW! Import Roof Drawings From Aerial Imagery Services

• Have a peek at some sample roofs calculated with Roofing Manager Sample Roofs.

• Also have a peek at the Drawing Samples.

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