Decking Manager

Welcome to the world of Decking Manager


• Click-and-drag quick creation of any project specifying

user-defined default methods.

• Any change is just a mouse-click away – done in seconds!

• Any number of surfaces

• Any number of shapes

• Railings designer

• Use of Components

• Easily create eye-catching planking patterns

• Easy to create complex deck systems

• Drawings completed in seconds


Deck Estimating Made Easy

Decking Manager is state-of-the estimating software. But that's just where the story begins!


More than An Estimating Program

Decking Manager is far more than a simple "estimating" program. This is a material take off, cost estimating, 3D touring, reporting and construction detail print producing system that is far and away the most powerful program of its kind ever produced for the industry!


Take A Virtual Tour

Decking Manager greatly simplifies the process of producing quotes, and does so in a small fraction of the time that it has taken in the past. With Decking Manager you can lay out a design for a prospective customer in minutes, then take that customer on a walking tour of the resulting structure showing him/her what their new deck will look like.

Your customer wants something special. It's easy to deliver.


• Easily create interesting shapes and planking. Don't settle for boring

unidirectionally planked rectangles.

• Components make it easy to create interesting objects like gazebos.

• Or make a boat dock if you like.

• Design interactively with your customer's help.

• Look at the project in 3D as you build.

• More Information Here


System Requirements

• Microsoft Windows 98,2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7. Also compatible with Apple via virtual Windows.

• Intel-compatible CPU P4 or greater Minimum amount of RAM recommended by the operating system.

• 20 Mb or more of Hard-disk space available

• Laptop quality video card (i.e. pretty much anything.)