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Through these videos you will:

  • Learn system features that you may be unfamiliar with (such as interior walls, architectural features like porches and eyebrows, creating partially open walls, installing lean-to's - any wall and any length, and much more);
  • Train new employees quickly; and
  • Simply get the most from the industry's most powerful takeoff and estimating tool.

Remember too, that our support staff is here to help you along the way. We have attempted to make these videos as complete as possible, however if, after viewing these videos, you have questions on topics that we haven't covered, we'd love to hear from you.

To watch any video, just click on a link below.

WATCH THIS FIRST - If you are using PostFrame Manager Version 7.1 or higher (3:00)

Getting Started (2:56)

Drawing Your First Building (7:00)

Accessing the Navigation Menu (3:00)

The Menu System Overview (7:03)

Placing Windows, Doors and Manipulating Posts (4:00)

Interior Walls (3:23)

Creating an Assembly (4:00)

Adding a Wing to a Building (5:00)

Installing a Cupola (2:00)

Creating a Partially Open Wall (7:16)

Understanding 3D Touring (3:16)

Architectural Details - Eyebrow Control (6:19)

Accessing Customer Specific Information (5:39)
(Includes Adding Accessores & Assemblies, Tax Rates and Additional Charges and Setting Your Markup Percentage)

Adding Freeform Items to the BOM (3:33)

Creating and Viewing Drawings (3:55)

Creating a Customer Quote (4:14)

Creating a BOM and Reports (5:56)

Preparing to Customize A Labor Calculation (5:00)

Customizing Your Labor Calculation (8:00)

Customizing Data - Part 1 - Edit by Item (13:09)

Customizing Date - Part 2 - Editing by Group (5:16)

Customizing Data - Part 3 -Truss Editor (5:45)

Creating Trim and Fastener Packages (10:52)

Setting Rates and Adding Additional Charges (12:32)

Configuring Framing - Type, Grade & Species (6:21)

Detailed Calculations & Pricing Summary (6:41)

Sheathing Control (3:08)

Advanced Topics

Customized Reports and Drawings

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