PostFrame Manager Pricing

There are two options when it comes to PostFrame Manager pricing.

Option 1 - Basic Subscription

Basic Subscription pricing is based on usage, where usage is caluclated as individual quoted or drawings printed structures. PostFrame Manager calculates and stores this information for renewal knows.

This pricing means that virtually any business can put the power of PostFrame manager to work, speeding estimating time, taking customers on a virtual 3D tour of their dream building, closing more business, and increasing profits. Even those running smaller businesses can leverage the power of PostFrame Manager and still keep the investment minimal.

With this choice, users modify their own system data files and pricing. However, "support packages" are available as detailed below. (NOTE: There are video tutorials on every aspect of the system, as well as written help files on board.)

Annual Quote Quantity Initial Price Annual Subscription
Under 50 $765 $245
Up to 100 $895 $315
Up to 250 $1,050 $395
Up to 500 $1,185 $450
up to 750 $1,395 $500
Over 750 Enterprise Version $4,295 $500

Subscription Price
Support Pricing You will be able to get all of the instruction you need from the extensive list of video tutorials and HELP files that are included with the system. But if you're working on things that you don't quite understand, like updating your specific products and pricing, or you want one-on-one training, we offer help via phone and/or webinar.
Support Fees
Option 2 - Enterprise

The first thing to understand is that both systems are IDENTICAL WITH RESPECT TO SYSTEM CAPABILITIES. However, there are three (3) differences.

1. Unlike the subscription-based system, Enterprise comes with unlimited usage. there is no cap on the number of estimates you can produce - ever.

2. The ownership option includes 50 hours of customized system setup. We'll not only brand the system with your company logo, address and such, as well as make any steel siding length adjustments, we'll do a complete customized system setup featuring your products and your pricing in every product category.

Finally, we'll conduct webinar sessions to answer specific questions or provide additional instruction that may be necessary. It's not likly as our video tutorials will provide the information you need and/or to train new employees.

3.Annual Enterprise Subscription is $450 per copy.

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