The BizPortz System is composed of 3 major subsystems: Data Setup, Construction, and Disposition. What you are about to download centers on Construction; what we want you to come away with here is the knowledge that yes, this software can in fact be set up to create structures as you would do this. What we want to establish right off the bat is that this is a flexible and user programmable system.

We also want you to note how simple this can be to have your sales staff use. Does it get much simpler than drawing some boxes on screen? Like automobiles, the System is simple to operate, and the reliability is under the hood. The first step is letting you drive.

Click the download button to get your PostFrame Manager installer.

Once you have run the download and have played with the various features and such, please call us at 1-800-375-2547.

To answer some questions before you ask: Yes, this software can be automated as it starts up so as to include preferences based on ZIP code; Yes, you can enter customer information before the construction starts up; Yes, reporting and quoting includes all materials, labor, and drawings.

Questions? 1-800-375-2547

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