All About 3D

This is a typical 3D shot, this one from our SIP Manager application. Yeah, we know, you have seen better 3D. We have too. All shaded and fancy and so on. The 3D engine we use has a number of advantages to it, however. We use this for a reason, and hopefully we can make this reason clear.

There's a utility lurking in the labs, and we're happy to give it to you. It's called "Magic3D." Magic 3D takes your current building in 3D and puts it into a tiny file you can email to your customer, your boss, or Aunt Minnie. This tiny file, when opened in email, is the same 3D view you see. Complete with 3D engine, everything. Live building.

Besides being astonishingly tiny and easy to email, this 3D engine works on any windows version. This is important. The really fancy 3D you see in ads for 3D products usually requires the latest PC to work on because it's using DirectX technology. Not this engine. It works quickly on Aunt Minnies's old Windows95 machine or your elderly laptop which is bogged down with anti-virus software making the thing "molasses in January" slow. (DirectX WILL NOT PERFORM WELL ON SLOW SYSTEMS, AND GOOD LUCK FINDING IT FOR OLDER VERSIONS OF WINDOWS!) Or it works on a new machine. Doesn't matter. And you don't need DirectX technology, either. Try downloading the DirectX library on an older machine at dialup or DSL speed. That's no more fun than trying to run DirectX on these types of machines.

We are using the 3D engine you see because, frankly, it's more effective for what you need in 3D and what the real world is like. Your customers, believe it or not, aren't running the latest gear. Magazines reporting on such data suggest that the average PC your customer will be using is about 5 years old. THIS 3D TECHNOLOGY RUNS ON THE SYSTEM YOUR CUSTOMER IS LIKELY TO OWN.

That said, in a couple of years when the baseline machine includes DirectX and it becomes feasible to send a live image email via Magic3D, we'll certainly upgrade it. But the reality is that right now, it's just not the proper thing to do. Yet.

This is another reason why you can trust us to know what we're doing. We're not trying to sell you on gee-whiz stuff that doesn't work or meet your needs. We investigated the marketplace and solved the 3D display problem in a way that lets you reliably distribute 3D to each and every one of your customers.

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