Eyebrows and Wrap Porches

Draw a building outline, then select the Architectural Details tab:

Click/Drag to draw a line, starting at any column and ending at any other:

This will bring up the Controlling window:

Click Accept and the display refreshes to show the position of the eyebrow, this illustration being used as a wraparound porch:

Right Click the building interior to get the menu, select Show 3D Building...


Notes: The method of a simple click/drag line is called a "gesture." In other modules (e.g. Commercial and Stud Frame) there are additional gestures as shown below. Start outside the outline and move away, and the system assumes you would like to build a canopy, and the appropriate control window appears. Start and end inside the perimeter outline and the system will assume you would like to install a Dormer. When you use the various BizPortz modules, this consistent interface becomes very helpful.

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