PostFrame Manager Fast Start

To Start, simply pick a point on the screen, left-click, and drag to another point without letting up on the mouse button until your building is roughly the size you want. This will create the basic outline. See the dimension in red above where you clicked? This will change as you drag, allowing you to get the target size you want. This is now the building outline.

After you release the mouse button, the Fine Tuner will appear to allow you to make adjustments (if needed) to the size. Don't need to change the size? Click the OK button or hit the Enter key.

Now that you have the basic building outline complete, all you have to do is select the roof shape. This includes any overhangs, a truss heel, and the roof pitch.

That's it. This completes the basic building, and it's already viewable in 3D. To look at the building in 3D, click inside the outline with the RIGHT mouse button. This will invoke the system menu, which looks like this --

The 6th item down is "Show 3D Building..." which is the 3D view. (See "All About 3D..." about 3D notes.)

To make changes to the building, get the menu back -- click inside the outline with the RIGHT mouse button. Then choose Edit Building Wing Attributes...

Which will bring up the Attributes Menu, which looks like this --

The idea of the menu is pretty simple. On the left is a typical Windows "Tree" type control where you select categories and sub-categories to access any setting you need to get to. Only click on the items you need/want to set. When you select a setting, the main area on the right shows a graphic that illustrates what the setting does or will affect. Click the Accept button once you have made any change. Click the Return button to close the menu.

See the little question mark just to the left of lower center? When this lights up, help is available in text form regarding what you have selected. Rather than have you scroll through HTML pages, basic information about a selection appears as you need to see it.

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