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Phone: +1 619-698-4023
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category: Contractor, Engineer, Painting, Roofing contractor, Window installation service
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Name: a******
Date: 2023-12-09 21:51:11
Rating: 5
Comment: This company did excellent work. We got our roof done and our house painted. From start to finish the workmanship and service was top notch. I am really happy that Gavin recommended replacing our fascia all around. Some of the wood was still strong but had deep cracks that Gavin said could come back when we painted. I am very pleased and would definitely work with these guys again.

Name: m**** t*****
Date: 2023-10-06 14:27:30
Rating: 5
Comment: Gavin came to inspect my current roof. He was very honest and told me the roof was still in good shape. He did not try to sell me something I don’t need. I like that in a company. When ever the time comes I will for sure call Gavin.

Name: M***** L******
Date: 2023-09-08 22:23:05
Rating: 5
Comment: They did a very good job on our roof.i would surely recommend them.Gavin was such a nice guy.the whole crew were so good performing their job.i give them 5 stars.
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Name: J**** P****
Date: 2023-07-14 18:17:04
Rating: 5
Comment: From start to finish the roof installation was the best experience. The crew was very professional and hard working. Management was always available to answer any question or concerns I might have. I would recommend this company.

Name: C***** A********
Date: 2023-06-23 20:33:36
Rating: 5
Comment: Had roof done and Walls painted with Texcote. Gavins crews were polite, on time and professional in all phases of the work. They took care of clean up daily and turned out quality results. Gavin has made it a point to check on the application and functionality of the products used over the last couple years to ensure customer satisfaction. I very highly recommend him and his company and will use them in the future if I have any other projects to be done.

Name: E****** M*****
Date: 2023-06-23 18:56:59
Rating: 5
Comment: We would recommend this company to anyone, Gavin was very easy to talk to and really good about follow up and communication even after our roof was complete. We went with the cool roof option, and we feel a big difference in the temperature in the house now. He came himself to inspect and make sure we were happy when the job was complete. We will definitely be calling back for our next project.

Name: J**
Date: 2023-06-17 00:38:55
Rating: 5
Comment: With my old roof over 30 years old and with major leaks showing up, I needed a new roof desperately. Now that the new roof, fascia and gutters installed, I am happy to leave my review of Masterlyne. Every aspect of the job was excellent!! Having been in the business of working with contractors for over 50 years, selling building materials/lumber/construction supplies for that time, I was very familiar with what needed to be done and I followed closely every step of the job. All of the work was done completely and, more importantly, correctly for the entire job. They not only replaced all the lumber, fascia that was needed along with the new base for the Malarkey brand of roofing, they corrected many areas of the old roof which had been left from previous work (from before I owned the home) as well as repairing old (not very well done) shortcuts which had been taken to cut down costs in the past. In some places, the old roof had 3 (!!) layers of old roofing left from the past roofing jobs. And I have been in my home since 1998. I am totally satisfied and happy with the professionalism, courtesy, completeness, quality with every aspect of their work. My home now looks bright and new and has added equity back into her! I could not be happier and I know the roof will outlast me (now 78 years young) I am happy to be able to recommend Masterlyne Corporation to anyone and will be glad to show anyone the work they have done in improving my home.Jim CaldwellSpring Valley, California

Name: F****** T*****
Date: 2023-05-03 17:30:47
Rating: 5
Comment: Great work!

Name: B*** Z***
Date: 2023-04-25 20:15:24
Rating: 5
Comment: Everything was explained very well. Gavin did a very thorough job inspecting our roof. He did a good job explaining the process as well. He also fixed our leak until the roof could be done. We were very happy with the quality and cleanup from the roofers and gutter crews. From Eddie who knocked on our door to the workers everyone was friendly and efficient. I would recommend this company for anyone who needs a roof and gutters.

Name: S**** C*******
Date: 2023-02-03 02:38:34
Rating: 5
Comment: Five stars for great communications and professionalism! Gavin was a pleasure to work with. They replaced portions of our tiled roof with asphalt shingles in preparation for solar panel installation. Quality of work was spot on. Highly recommended!

Name: J*** B******
Date: 2023-01-31 20:40:14
Rating: 5
Comment: We are very satisfied with the outstanding roof, gutters and paint work that Masterlyne did for us. When we had any concerns or questions the communication and follow up was top notch, they responded and resolved things very quickly. We have recommended them to several of our neighbors who have also been very happy with their work. I don’t typically post online reviews, but these guys really exceeded our expectations so we wanted to share that. Thank you Gavin for taking such good care of us!

Name: W****** G******
Date: 2023-01-28 18:39:15
Rating: 5
Comment: I got 4 quotes on Texcote Coolwall and Masterlyne came in 12-14k less than any of the other quotes I got, and they included seamless gutters. I am super happy with the service and completed work. Luis took a lot of time to fill all gaps and cracks, and checked in with me as the project moved along to make sure I was happy with the work and colors. I will definitely be calling them when I am ready to do my windows. Thank you Eddie and Gavin!

Name: H***** K********
Date: 2022-10-12 20:15:14
Rating: 5
Comment: Everybody was great. Work was done on time and looks fantastic. Eddie and everyone else were courteous, easy to reach and followed up after every step. Definitely recommend.

Name: R*** L***
Date: 2022-08-11 16:44:36
Rating: 5
Comment: During the first phase,which is explanation of how job will be performed, timeline of work, cost, arranging financing, till work was completed on time. All personnel involved were very courteous and professional. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to have their roofing system replaced. I am also reasonably assured that their ethics crossover to all aspects of their pervue.

Name: J***** T******
Date: 2022-08-08 21:29:29
Rating: 5
Comment: Gavin was super friendly and honest, very hard working team. I would recommend them to anyone.

Name: R*** D*
Date: 2022-08-08 20:51:01
Rating: 5
Comment: Masterlyne installed a roof for me at a rental property so when we needed a roof and paint at our place it was an easy decision. We went with the heat reflective coating for the paint, it was a little more but I am happy we did. My 50 year old home looks new again! Thank you Eddie, Gavin and Anthony for all your hard work.

Name: M**** F********
Date: 2022-08-04 05:32:24
Rating: 5
Comment: Great roof service, best I could found in the area, local company, very responsive and honest, they work with great professionalism and finished ahead of the estimated time, leaving no trace every single day(clean work) couldn’t be more happy to recommend them, no doubt

Name: E*** G********
Date: 2022-08-02 04:50:45
Rating: 5
Comment: Just bought a house and was told by the home inspector that it likely needs a new roof very soon. Gavin came by to look at the roof and give me an estimate, instead he told me that my roof is fine and has quite a few years left in it, then he proceeds to give me some advice on inexpensive DIY alternatives to extend the life on my roof.I work with comercial construction and meet new contractors all the time, Gavin’s honesty was really refreshing. I’ve got some home projects coming up and these guys are now on top of my go-to list.

Name: B** B*****
Date: 2022-07-18 22:56:00
Rating: 5
Comment: We recently did several repairs and remodeling in our home. Masterlyne was the team responsible for external improvements.Their staff was quick, courteous and efficient. The team that repaired the damage to my stucco were nothing less than brilliant. They were able to make old water damaged bricks look new again. They were always on time and took the extra effort to listen to our needs. The entire house looks 20 years younger. Special thanks to Gavin and Brad!

Name: k****** c***
Date: 2022-07-13 18:04:07
Rating: 5
Comment: Really easy company to work with, they exceeded our expectations on our roof. A lot of carpentry work had to be done to get the roof back in shape, and we were very happy with the mitered edges and the fact that they primed the wood they replaced as well. The new roof really improved our curb appeal too. We will definitely do more work in the future.

Name: C**** B*****
Date: 2022-06-28 20:21:38
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome company from start to finish. Gavin and Brad were to the point and very informative on the sales side. The crew showed up on time and finished ahead of schedule. The job turned out beautifully and the clean up was thorough.

Name: A****** G******
Date: 2022-06-21 19:59:59
Rating: 5
Comment: Gavin Osmay and Eddie were an absolute pleasure to work with. Masterlyne installed a roof and gutters for us last year and now we are getting our windows done too. These guys treated us like family and we will definitely use them again for our next project and continue to refer them. Thank you for taking great care of us - Agustin