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Name: C*** S*******
Date: 2023-09-19 14:30:10
Rating: 5
Comment: After researching the top-rated roofers in San Diego, I chose Christian. The originally estimated to start the job in October but got their early in September. The property is a 1923 Craftsman and the crew had to fix a substantial amount of framing and sheathing before replacing the shingles. It all was done with attention to historical detail and the result is a replica of the house in its glory days. Thank you Christian!

Name: B******* K*****
Date: 2023-08-11 15:38:16
Rating: 5
Comment: I called and scheduled an appointment to have our roof inspected just to ensure everything looked good and no repairs are needed. Chad showed up on time and did our inspection. He was genuine and didnt try and sell us something we didnt need (which is unheard of these days). If you are looking for an honest company that wont try and pull the wool over your eyes, call them!

Name: J***** N******
Date: 2023-08-04 19:28:25
Rating: 5
Comment: Christian Brothers put a new roof on our home and stuccoed the eaves on our other home in the Fire area! The fire chief recommended this as this is, how many homes catch on fire, the embers blow up into the eaves and get into the attic!! They did a wonderful job!!! Thank you so much!!!!
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Name: e** m*****
Date: 2023-02-23 17:15:10
Rating: 5
Comment: I had my Roofing Tiles Replaced by Christian Roofing in 2022. It took longer then expected to complete the project because of a very steep Roof and lack of parts for Skylights. The Roof is Beautiful and worth the wait. After my final inspection the County of San Diego notified me that I could now get my up-front Recycling Deposit back that I had paid before the project started that guaranteed the Contractor would recycle old tile. Which they did and promptly got me receipts to prove it was done. The County of San Diego forwarded the detailed paperwork to fill out and it was so extensive that I had to get the assistance from Christian Roofing Support Staff, Office Employees to fill it out. Paula Preman was right on top of this. This was a new form that they had never processed for a customer before. She reviewed the form and got it to the right person to fill out and it is now in process. Thank You Christian Roofing for a Beautiful Roof and your Support in getting this final batch of paperwork processed to the County of San Diego. Eva

Name: M**** G********
Date: 2023-01-24 19:29:58
Rating: 5
Comment: The team at Christian Roofing are the absolute best. We were having issues with our roof (which another roofing company installed) and Christian Roofing came out, helped us tarp the area (at no extra charge) and then fit us into the schedule really quickly to replace our roof. Their scheduling team is extremely responsive and helpful! The team that came out to repair our roof were on time, professional, and fast. They were so patient with the rain showers that happened throughout the day (unexpected!) and made it all work. We are so happy with the work they did, we highly recommend and will use them again if we ever have the need to!

Name: J*** F V*****
Date: 2023-01-02 16:19:27
Rating: 5
Comment: We would like to thank you for the great work you completed at our home. My wife and I are pleased with your team the way they handled this project. We appreciate your teams hard work and the distance they had to drive to complete our home. The roof and the siding looks great and we are very pleased. We will definitely recommend your company to others.

Name: W****** M*****
Date: 2022-11-15 21:46:55
Rating: 5
Comment: My solar system cost less than $6,000. (my electrician a few hundred more) The bigger companies did not want to work with me. My system generates 15% cash flow. Tax free and assumes no increase in utility rates! CR delivered!

Name: G***** E*****
Date: 2022-10-27 22:19:38
Rating: 5
Comment: We highly recommend Christian Roofing as an honest and excellent source to meet your roofing needs, if you want the job done right Christian Roofing is the contractor to choose.Within a day of contacting Christian Roofing, we had a schedule for our free roofing estimate. The salesman showed up on time and listened to our needs then gave his recommendations. He was extremely knowledgeable and clearly explained the reasons for his recommendations and described each step of the process to install our new roof. We really appreciated the way he respected our tight budget and didn’t try to sell things we absolutely didn’t need.The project was scheduled shortly after we accepted the proposal and their crew showed up on the scheduled day and time the installation was scheduled. We were kept informed about the progress for every step of the installation. The installation was completed within the three days that were scheduled, despite some additional repairs that were needed once the old roof was removed.We really appreciated the way the crew would clean up at the end of each day and the way they took care during the demolition to minimize the debris on the ground. This crew did an excellent job and showed pride in their work, they were all skilled craftsmen, which showed in the completed job.

Name: R***
Date: 2022-10-20 00:32:51
Rating: 5
Comment: Christian Roofing provides the finest crews. Very knowledgeable and efficient. Cleaning up after the end of each day was a big plus.

Name: N*** E**
Date: 2022-09-02 18:42:56
Rating: 5
Comment: These guys are the best, I have a house with a tile roof. They replaced some tiles, re-secured some others and pressure washed the whole roof, gutters and removed some nasty stains on the house. They really went above and beyond! I wouldn’t hire anybody else for your roofing needs!

Name: C******** C********
Date: 2022-08-12 19:28:15
Rating: 5
Comment: Christian Roofing performed maintenance to my roof. They provided me before and after pictures. They were honest during estimate and advised I only needed maintenance instead of replacement (that was what I had originally contacted them for). I would recommend them.

Name: D**** V***
Date: 2022-08-03 16:29:18
Rating: 5
Comment: While I think its inappropriate to request feedback on a job while the contract is open and the old roof has been removed, but the new roof is not yet installed, I am happy with my decision so far. Im impressed with their:understanding of the importance of customer experiencethe care of the workers in performing demolition workcommunication.Feel free to contact me again later in time for a more thorough review.

Name: D***** H*******
Date: 2022-05-23 00:27:00
Rating: 5
Comment: 2 nice gentlemen showed up to do the job. The only downside was that their supervisors did not send them with a couple of the materials needed. One, they were able to do without. The other, one of the workers drove all the way back to town, about 40 miles away, to get the necessary piece. In addition, due to the slight inconvenience this caused, I was given a $100 discount of of the estimated cost.

Name: A***** L*****
Date: 2022-04-25 21:54:03
Rating: 5
Comment: Christian Roofing did a great job at fixing a leak in my roof. The estimator was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. The roof repair guys were very efficient and effective.

Name: K** B****
Date: 2022-03-30 19:47:20
Rating: 5
Comment: I am the Broker/Owner of Bates Realty in Escondido, CA. I refer Christian Roofing to all of my clients in San Diego County. They are reliable, responsive and will handle whatever you need with ease.

Name: S**** B****
Date: 2022-03-28 18:24:09
Rating: 5
Comment: I was WOWED by the entire experience throughout the entire roofing process. Pablo met me at the house, we discussed the bid and the process. He was wonderful. NO talking “down” to me, no trying to get me to buy something extra, etc. He listened, answered ALL my many questions, then left to send me the itemized bid by email. This arrived that evening and everything by line-item and cost.I was able to conduct all business by email. But when I needed to just talk to someone, I called, and Paula took care of all my questions and concerns. It felt like we were long lost friends.Then the crew arrives exactly on time, courteous, efficient, and friendly. The clean up after each day was amazing. Never saw a nail after they left. Johnny followed up with pictures of the progress on the roof by email each evening and what to expect the next day. He came by and chatted and as promised, they were gone by the date they said they would be done and everything clean and in order exactly as they had outlined.I could not, even in retrospect, ask for more and they were my cheapest bid. I whole heartedly would recommend them if you are in need of a new roof.

Name: L**** N******
Date: 2022-03-25 23:46:35
Rating: 5
Comment: So happy that we selected Christian Roofing for our SOLAR installation. They were amazing, it looks professional, passed all inspections the first time and were there every step of the way for questions and concerns. Every person that we came in touch with was professional, courteous and responsive. I would recommend them without any reservations.

Name: B** Z********
Date: 2022-02-18 18:45:40
Rating: 5
Comment: After interviewing representatives at six roofing companies and receiving reasonable bids from three of them, I hired Christian Roofing in February 2022 to re-roof my 1941 Craftsman-style home, add a new roof cover over my front porch pergola and repair a flat roof on a non-permitted backroom that was added to my house in the 1950s.My project was definitely a challenging one. First, I required that the roofer remove three layers of shingles (including the original wood shingles) from the main house and the separate garage, and I required that the old roofing material be moved off site without using a container trailer along the side the house on my narrow paver driveway. Second, I wanted the roofer to develop some way to divert all the water that flows down the roof and through the pergola directly onto the porch every time it rained. There was no easy way to add a workable gutter system between the pergola and the roof because the pergola was almost as high as the roof eaves. And third, I needed the original torched roof on the backroom repaired. This leaky roof represented a difficult challenge because gas and electrical lines were spread willy-nilly over the flat roof and through it in several spots and a web of makeshift gutters had been placed on the roof in a failed effort to keep rain water from pooling there and penetrating the flat roof.Of the three reasonable bids I received, the one from family-owned Christian Roofing was the most expensive, but project manager Josh easily showed he was the most knowledgeable, interested and experienced roofer of the folks I interviewed because he could quickly and carefully explain in laymans terms what his team would do for all three sub-projects. I also learned later that the brand he recommended for roof tiles was the same one that I favored after my own independent research, and that his bid was higher than the others bids in part because he offered a longer warranty on the house roof (10 years) and on the pergola cover and flat roof repair (20 years). And so, I chose him.During construction, his team repeatedly did extra things to reduce my concerns. For example, even though I forgot to do it, team members climbed into my attic and covered my furnace with a plastic tarp to keep the furnace from damage during removal of the old roof layers. During debris removal, an old light in the attic stopped working. One of the supervisors, Enrique, climbed up there and replaced the bulb. He also re-attached a furnace lid that came off during the commotion. I found out later he also re-attached some HVAC ducting that apparently came loose even before they started.On the main roof, the team was careful and efficient. Installation took two days. On the porch pergola cover, I watched as Josh and company spend six hours determining how to construct the cover. It was obvious they love their work. Among many great ideas, Josh added a layer of shiplap underneath the cover on top of the pergola rafters that made the porch cover seem a homey part of the porch that had always been there. On the backroom flat roof, Josh helped me hire a plumber to remove an extraneous gas line and reroute the main gas line and an AC unit exhaust off the roof entirely. At his recommendation, I had his team build a narrow long wooden box with a metal top across the middle of the flat roof. Inside we put the remaining electrical line and related HVAC refrigerant line . I ended up with a torch roof on both sides of this box, and no penetration points on the roof material at all. None of the other bidders offered a similar plan. The rain (a week after project completion) proved there were no leaks in the flat roof or anywhere else.As a side note, even though I didn’t hire Josh’s team to redo the gutters on my home, they did re-attach all the old still-usable gutters on most of the house for free, saving me at least $1,000.Without reservation, I would recommend this company for any roofing job big or small. They showed they have the skill, experience and attitude to ensure a positive outcome.

Name: C******
Date: 2021-11-30 18:09:18
Rating: 5
Comment: We are so thankful for Christian Roofing who redid our roof and installed top notch solar panels for us. Everyone in the team at CR was absolutely wonderful to work with: Josh, Johnny, Christian, the crew, Araceli, and anyone else we interacted with and forgot to mention here. Phone calls, emails, and texts were returned promptly, the staff was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. Every step of the process was clearly communicated to us; there were no surprises. Their price was extremely competitive and what we liked best was that they were able to start within the week and had the roofing and solar installation completed in the most efficient manner. Its been over a month since our roof and solar installation and we couldnt be happier. The per panel monitoring is so easy and effortless. So if youre looking for superior quality and workmanship, great warranties, honest, nice people and terrific pricing I would strongly urge you to check out Christian Roofing. Thank you so much Christian Roofing for everything!

Name: M****** B******
Date: 2021-11-22 14:31:14
Rating: 5
Comment: Christian Roofing was outstanding. The entire staff had great follow up and kept me updated throughout the entire roofing process. I highly recommend them!

Name: C******* S******
Date: 2021-11-18 02:17:38
Rating: 5
Comment: This company was very professional and did great work. I would definitely recommend them.

Name: R**** B*****
Date: 2021-11-15 16:12:06
Rating: 5
Comment: Very professional crew and staff. would highly recommend and use again

Name: A**** S*****
Date: 2021-09-23 03:03:31
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome working with Josh and this crew. Super professional, got the job done beautifully and fast. Would work with them again in a heartbeat.

Name: M***** S****
Date: 2021-08-12 16:43:08
Rating: 5
Comment: I want to thank Christian Roofing for an outstanding job and attention to detail!I have to tell you how refreshing it was to see Christian Roofings Team at work. They are extremely talented group of folks that worked very hard every day and cleaned up before they left each night.When the project was complete they took their time to have the place looking outstanding, they even fixed the cable and reinstalled the gutters.Without hesitation I would recommend Christian Roofing Company for any of your roofing needs.Murray Steeg

Name: D** K*********
Date: 2021-08-05 00:17:51
Rating: 5
Comment: Christian Roofing competed a GACO roof restoration at our home last week. Our house is a low slope roof with 20 year old torch down roofing, after through inspection it was found to be a perfect candidate for the restoral process. Additionally at the inspection there was dry rot in a facia board that required repair. The project was started on schedule and completed on schedule, there were no unforeseen repairs required. The crew was efficient and extremally hard workers, when they left the site each night it was cleaned as though they had never been here. Johnny, the Project Manager when he was not on sited he could be reached by phone, Luis, the Site Supervisor was always available. We had worked with Shawn Preman several years ago on a problem with the skylights, repairs were made never to return.

Name: L** D**********
Date: 2021-07-28 22:49:29
Rating: 5
Comment: As a property manager and also a homeowner, I have had the pleasure of working with Shawn Preman, the owner of Christian Roofing, for over 20 years. Needing a new roof or just repairs for your home or rental property can be stressful however working with Shawn and his professional crew takes the stress away, just knowing that they will do a great job and at a fair price.The most recent job they did for me was to install a new tile roof, replacing some fascia boards and some plywood on my home and adding a solar system. Shawn explained the various options including an additional thermal sheet between the roof and the tile. The added thermal sheet seems to keep my home cooler as do the added dormer roof vents. My home is 40 years old and after seeing the great job that Christian Roofing did on my home there were five other homeowners on my street that also had CR install a new roof for them! All of the other homeowners are very happy with their new roofs. Shawn is honest, a very likeable guy and he and his crews are perfectionist! When you choose Christian Roofing you can put your mind at ease knowing that the job will be done perfectly!Thank you Shawn and thank you Christian Roofing!

Name: J***** V********
Date: 2020-09-30 21:57:55
Rating: 5
Comment: Professional

Name: J*** M
Date: 2020-09-18 16:13:04
Rating: 5
Comment: Ive been involved in commercial real estate for over 30 years and have worked with several roofers during that time. Christian Roofing just installed a small TPO roof at my home and is in the process of re-roofing two larger commercial properties for me. They have been professional and have done an excellent job, from the first appointment through to the finished product - Ive been watching! The crew has been courteous and conscientious, being mindful of our property, like protecting skylights, cleaning up and facilitating customer access while they do their work. I am really pleased with their performance.

Name: l**** s***
Date: 2020-02-08 01:54:59
Rating: 5
Comment: Every step of the roofing process went smoothly with excellent communication. All employees were professional in their attentiveness to all my questions, and the roofers were very helpful in going out of their way to complete a topnotch job. They went the extra mile to replace my 3 skylights and to repair a large hole in roof due to the removal of a metalchimney.chimney.

Name: G*** F*****
Date: 2019-12-14 18:36:22
Rating: 5
Comment: We’ve used Christian Roofing twice...the first time to fix a leak and address a mold problem, and the second time to repair/refresh the entire roof during our recent home sale. Can’t thank them enough for their quality and timeliness on both projects...their company team, inside and out are FANTASTIC! We give our highest recommendation to Christian Roofing.

Name: k*** l******
Date: 2019-10-04 03:53:59
Rating: 5
Comment: I am really happy with this company . Johnny was the foreman and he was awesome! Such a nice guy. Patiently answered all of my millions of questions. Took me on the roof and walked around after. He always answered his texts. The crew was very nice and respectful. They showed up every morning on time and cleaned up each day. I was worried about getting dirt in my pool so they covered it each day and uncovered it each night. I highly recommend this company.

Name: N*** N*****
Date: 2019-09-04 23:04:11
Rating: 5
Comment: Excellent Service from the initial bid all the way to the completion of the job. The office staff is also courteous and efficient. Josh Preman helped me with good advice about a messy situation I had with a vertical drain pipe for water exiting the roof. I have used Christian Roofing on 2 separate commercial buildings and would not hesitate to contact them again when the need arises.

Name: N******* I****
Date: 2019-07-31 19:33:30
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome roofing company. Did all the work and more. Fixed my gutter ( bent by them), repaired rot wood, painted all wood and fireplace spark arrester. Even replaced tile broken tile by solar people (solare was the worst). If you want solar have these guys do it.

Name: M*** H*********
Date: 2019-06-19 20:58:59
Rating: 5
Comment: We highly recommend Christian Roofing based on our recent experience with them.Every aspect of our roofing repair was carried out very quickly and professionally. We sought information about a reflective style of mylar roofing for a flat roof and received a thoughtful explanation of the benefits and costs. The estimate provided us with the three options that we requested. Once we signed off on our choice of material, we were scheduled very quickly, but......had house guests and had to put it off for what we thought would be a few days.....then the rains hit, and hit and hit, delaying the job.We received a call a day before the rains ended. They came out and knocked out the job in a day, leaving the area clean enough that no one would have ever known they were here.The estimator, crew chief, crew, office staff were all extremely helpful.

Name: B**** H********
Date: 2019-04-14 21:49:41
Rating: 5
Comment: Christian Roofing was fast and very efficient! I am so glad we chose them.

Name: J*** R******
Date: 2019-03-06 16:30:28
Rating: 5
Comment: If you have a steep roof call CR first. I can imagine the job they do on flatter roofs. Responsive, on time, clean up, experience workers, follow up, safety conscious, all superior.

Name: P******* H*****
Date: 2019-01-08 22:11:02
Rating: 5
Comment: We had a great experience from beginning to end. Very professional and courteous! Our new roof is beautiful!

Name: H***** V**** C**
Date: 2018-12-29 20:43:45
Rating: 4
Comment: Friendly staff!

Name: M**** W*****
Date: 2018-10-24 00:31:45
Rating: 5
Comment: I was most impressed with Josh Preman, Senior Project Manager/Estimator at Christian Roofing. Josh gave me an estimate that was very detailed with no cost surprises. He also addressed draining issues that the other two roofing companies didnt even want to deal with. The work crew were respectful of my property and the job was completed in just over 2 days. They stand behind their work with integrity. I would recommend Christian Roofing.

Name: M******* R***
Date: 2018-06-18 19:34:47
Rating: 5
Comment: If you are thinking of getting your roof replaced, updated, and/or repaired look no further than Christian Roofing, Inc. period, end of story! In terms of level of service here’s what you are going to get:Overall Customer Service A+++Overall Quality Service A+++Overall Satisfaction A+++Pricing A+++Now, here’s the long version. My husband and I started off with a company (Green Living), which had such poor customer service at the out set that we should have let them go right away. However, we tried to stick it out, only to have to ask them to leave right after they removed our old roof! This left us, our roof and our home in a vulnerable state which, was also hazardous to others. I called Christian Roofing, Inc. Josh stepped in and right from the jump, he went above and beyond my expectations. He informed me that rain was in the forecast and I needed to get my roof protected right away. It started to rain just as he had said. I was out of town but, my husband was home. We had not even given Josh a payment, but he texted me that morning and said, whether we used his company or not, he would send some men from his crew out and get my roof covered so that I wouldn’t have any damage to my home. The level of service and the integrity which I experience from Josh was beyond compare to ANY other customer service that I have ever received or experienced. From start to finish, he kept me informed even though, I could tell he was busy. When the job was completed my husband had a minor concern and Josh had someone come out within a few days to take care of it. Unlike Green Living, we didn’t get a company that contracted out roofers, this is a family of roofers! Josh truly cared and takes pride in the quality of his work. He was a blessing to us in more ways than one. Thank you, Christian Roofing, Inc. and thank you Josh! I will certainly look to Christian Roofing, Inc. for any future roofing needs and I will be sure to tell all whom I know in need of roof care, look no further than Christian Roofing, Inc. In short, EXCELLENCE!!!

Name: C******* S********
Date: 2018-05-23 19:27:12
Rating: 5
Comment: I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Christian Roofing. We had a VERY outdated roof that was in need of some serious work. Christian Roofing came in and replaced our entire roof in less than 5 days. If minor extras came up (which were few) they communicated it immediately and the price was fair.I worked with Pablo, Johnny, Tyler and Juan and it was wonderful. They really CARE about the work and the customers satisfaction. I cant say enough good things. CR was referred to me through a friend who had also been encouraged to call CR. I am so glad I listened and called CR!!!Thank you guys! I love my new roof and will be singing your praises to whoever will listen!!

Name: R**** C**********
Date: 2018-04-12 17:17:46
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome work, Very professional/timely/detailed work. Highly recommend.

Name: J*** H********
Date: 2018-02-03 17:13:07
Rating: 5
Comment: A great company of professionals who really care about meeting your needs & providing a quality product!! I highly recommend them!!

Name: P**** B****
Date: 2017-12-05 16:51:07
Rating: 5
Comment: Professional and easy to deal with at the front end.......performed the task at hand with no issues.

Name: S**** H****
Date: 2017-12-03 05:24:14
Rating: 5
Comment: We will use this company again, great job.

Name: N***** G*******
Date: 2017-11-06 17:29:30
Rating: 5
Comment: Christian Roofing went above and beyond replacing my roof. The crew was efficient and skillful. Everyone arrived at 7:00 am as stated; they did not stop the 3-day job until it was done. The owner, Shawn, was hands on and kept me abreast of the progress including photos of the removed roof. They are honest with integrity. I felt like they took me under their wing and made sure I was comfortable with all that was going on; as a woman, it was impressive to me. A job well done in every aspect. I have my garage roof to do next in the near future, and I wont have any other company but Christian Roofing to do the job.

Name: E*** M*****
Date: 2017-06-05 18:50:21
Rating: 5
Comment: Great company, work was done professionally, good communication. Will continue working with them in the future.

Name: P** C********
Date: 2017-04-05 18:32:32
Rating: 5
Comment: The crew of 6 showed up and started their day early in the morning. As a teamwork, they knew exactly what roles each individual had to do. All we could hear was the noise of roof repair in motion and it went on until their lunch break. Then they were back in action again. At the end of the day one of the guys knocked at the door and said, Boss, it is all done! We looked around and were surprised that place was all cleaned up as if they had never came to house. Thank you to them, the skillful roof experts from Christian Roofing!

Name: K******* B****
Date: 2017-03-12 15:25:15
Rating: 5
Comment: Christian Roofing put my roof on 12 years ago and I have had ZERO problems since the install. These last torrential rains finally took a toll and I have a small (hopefully) leak. I called CR and Shawn called back right away, had my prior work order handy, and explained the need for roof maintenance every 5 years. Not only will they come inspect and repair the roof leak, they will perform the 5 year maintenance on the entire roof to make sure it continues to perform as beautifully as it has! 5 starts for responsive customer service =) I will be back after repairs are completed to add more. Dr. K

Name: M****** K*****
Date: 2016-12-17 14:31:44
Rating: 5
Comment: Great roofing company. I would highly recommend them. On time and professional is hard to find these days.

Name: H***** S*****
Date: 2016-09-28 13:52:13
Rating: 5
Comment: Thanks Christian Roofing, the new attic vents look great. The work was done at the agreed on price, punctually, neatly, and courteously. They went the extra mile to paint the vents to blend with the roof color, touching up existing vents to match.

Name: J**** B*****
Date: 2016-05-11 00:00:40
Rating: 5
Comment: Professional Company with Exceptional Quality ResultsWe hired Christian Roofing to replace our roof recently and couldnt be happier with the results. Starting with a fast response to our first phone call and quickly and thoroughly completing a detailed estimate, we were amazed at how professional this company handled everything. There were a few hurdles that needed to be taken care of before everything was approved. First of all we have an HOA that needed to approve the type of roofing we have. We also share our two story home with a neighbor, so not only did this have to satisfy our needs, but our neighbors needs as well. Our neighbors needed to go through the Hero program requiring additional steps to ensure the roof met their energy efficient requirements. Shawn (the owner) was familiar with the program and said he would work with our neighbors to satisfy their needs as well. Shawn and his staff worked quickly to complete the paperwork and set up the job in a timely manner and did so just before it started raining a few weeks ago. Because rain was a factor, he doubled up on his workers so the job was completed within three days - it was unbelievable how efficiently and quickly this job was completed. They had their own porta-potty and cleaned up at the end of each day so there was no mess or nails left behind. They even took off our DirecTV dish and replaced it perfectly so we didnt have to call and pay to have it serviced by AT&T - a savings for us!Overall, Shawn, the office staff, roofers, and foreman were all extremely pleasant, responsive and just darn pleasant to work with. We highly recommend this company - if youre looking for someone who gives you a fair price and does exactly what they say theyre going to do with the utmost integrity - this is the roofing company for you.Note: We did get estimates from a couple of other companies but found out that one of them was a broker - they didnt actually do the work, they subcontracted it out - so be careful - their estimate was MUCH higher!

Name: P*** P*****
Date: 2016-05-04 18:49:36
Rating: 5
Comment: Very fast and professional work. Very nice looking roof ,Glad I went with Christian Roofers

Name: J**** M*****
Date: 2016-03-23 16:15:06
Rating: 5
Comment: Great company! Good product and great job! Guys are professional and very clean each day at the job. Highly recommend!

Name: S**** J*****
Date: 2016-01-25 21:25:13
Rating: 5
Comment: Very good service as well as follow up.