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Name: j*** a****
Date: 2023-11-27 21:05:43
Rating: 5
Comment: Bay Area Home Inspection delivered a solid experience. Their inspection of my property was quick and effective, and they kept me well-informed throughout. The detailed report and quality photos were noteworthy. The teams friendly and respectful approach added a positive touch to the process. They shared valuable insights on enhancing property value, showcasing their expertise. In conclusion, Bay Area Home Inspection proves to be a dependable choice for a comprehensive and insightful home inspection. I highly recommend their services.

Name: M** S
Date: 2023-11-26 03:11:02
Rating: 5
Comment: Had a great experience with Bay Area Home Inspections.My husband and I recently closed on our first house with a very short inspection contingency and we’re so grateful them as our inspector company. The inspector arrived on time and spent about two hours inspecting the property and another hour walking us through the house, sharing key findings, and patiently answering our giant list of questions. He was extremely thorough with his inspection and provided an extremely detailed, organized, and through inspection report filled with lots of notes and photos.Even after the inspection, he has made himself available to us to answer any of our questions and responds to my texts in a very timely manner. The main office was also been super helpful in helping me understand their different inspection packages and making recommendations on what inspections our home actually needed. Will definitely be calling Bay Area Home Inspections again for any future inspections.

Name: L***** A*******
Date: 2023-11-14 15:35:40
Rating: 5
Comment: I really enjoyed the Bay Area Home Inspection. They did a thorough and thorough inspection of the house I wanted to sell. They are fast and efficient. They communicated with me throughout the process and kept me updated. They gave me a complete and well-organized article with high-quality photos. They also gave me valuable advice and suggestions on how to improve the condition and value of the property. They are very friendly and respectful. They are the best home inspectors I have ever worked with and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a home inspection.
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Name: V******* M*****
Date: 2023-11-12 17:43:55
Rating: 5
Comment: When we decided to sell our house we hired Bay Area Home inspection to provide us with the report. They came in with the best price for the job and made sure our inspection report was finished on time and was accurately done. When we needed an extra copy of the report, I was satisfied with the representative on the phone who had great customer service skills and helped me expeditiously. This accurate report helped us sell our house for a price over our original asking price. Couldn’t have asked for a better home inspection company.

Name: R***** K***
Date: 2023-10-28 01:45:01
Rating: 5
Comment: Bay Area Home Inspection delivers exceptional service. When I required a comprehensive home inspection, their punctuality and thoroughness stood out. The inspector meticulously assessed every aspect, revealing intricate details and potential issues I wouldn’t have noticed. The report was clear, well-documented, and became instrumental in our decision-making process. With their attention to detail and professional approach, Bay Area Home Inspection is a top choice for anyone seeking a reliable and comprehensive home inspection service!

Name: M*** B*****
Date: 2023-10-22 23:03:56
Rating: 5
Comment: Great inspection agency, very specific and quality oriented reports and service. Premium if you choose a licensed inspector but worth every dollar.

Name: I*** Z**********
Date: 2023-10-17 21:37:16
Rating: 5
Comment: It is our second time using Bay Area Home Inspections and we will keep using them and recommend few our friends who is in real-estate. Very reliable always find issues if any. Last time they helped to save us $12000. Very professional and pleasant peaple. I wash that we had a 6 star rating. Thank you guys!!!

Name: A******** I***
Date: 2023-10-13 21:53:23
Rating: 5
Comment: Ive been relying on Bay Area Home Inspections for over 2 years, and I cant recommend them enough. They leave no stone unturned in their inspections, from the roof to the foundation, electrical and plumbing systems, even the attic and every room inside. Whats great is their knack for making everything understandable - they tell you what needs immediate attention and what can wait, which is a lifesaver when youre negotiating a deal.Their team of amazing certified experts are super thorough and care a lot about your investment. If youre in the Bay Area real estate market, these guys are the ones you want on your side. Top-notch service!

Name: M***** C
Date: 2023-10-03 20:51:23
Rating: 5
Comment: Our realtor had recommended hiring someone to do an inspection of our new home before proceeding with the next steos. Bay Area Home Inspections delivered and surpassed by expectations. We had worked with a different company in the past and they had missed major issues which were discovered later on. Scheduling an appointment was a breeze and they were very responsive. All of our questions were answered and we knew we were in good hands. I trusted their expertise and knew we made the right call.

Name: p***** p*****
Date: 2023-09-30 03:52:49
Rating: 5
Comment: This company really has the well-being of their customers as their priority. I am very astonished at the carefulness and attention to detail our inspector had towards seemingly minute things that could easily get overlooked. In our home we just purchased the tile of the bathroom that was a little loose on the wall and he noticed that, and revealed water damage and mold underneath. I’m really glad we ended up choosing this company because they do give quality service.

Name: s*** A
Date: 2023-09-28 19:33:32
Rating: 5
Comment: I needed someone to come inspect my house in Sacramento. I couldnt find someone good in my area bit I found Bay Area Home Inspections and they were so responsive and helpful. I also liked that it was a woman based business. I gave them a try and I dont regret it at all!

Name: J**** G****
Date: 2023-09-14 17:21:58
Rating: 5
Comment: I reached out to this company with a keen interest in purchasing a home in the Bay Area, and I couldnt be more pleased with their service. Their on-site inspection was accompanied by exceptional customer service. They patiently fielded all my queries, systematically addressed every concern, and walked me through the entire process with great clarity. Their commitment to communication exceeded my expectations. Im unequivocally impressed and wouldnt hesitate to engage their services again. If youre in need of a property inspection company, I wholeheartedly endorse them. Five stars without a doubt!

Name: r*** m******
Date: 2023-09-14 00:15:13
Rating: 5
Comment: Incredible inspection agency, we went with Bay Area home inspections for the purchase of our condo, they were great and knowledgeable. We went with certified option and our inspector was Jeff, answered all our questions and was patient and respectful. Highly recommend them.

Name: L**** Q****
Date: 2023-09-04 18:23:04
Rating: 5
Comment: This company gave me exceptional service. From start to finish, their team displayed utmost professionalism and expertise. Scheduling the inspection was a breeze, and the inspector arrived on time, fully equipped and ready to assess every nook and cranny of the property. Their attention to detail was truly commendable. The comprehensive report they provided afterwards was incredibly detailed, easy to understand, and included helpful recommendations. The inspectors knowledge and genuine dedication to ensuring my complete satisfaction left me feeling confident in my purchasing decision. I highly recommend Bay Area Home Inspections for their thoroughness, efficiency, and outstanding customer service.

Name: C******** K**********
Date: 2023-08-27 02:38:11
Rating: 5
Comment: Bay Area Home Inspections provided a thorough and professional assessment of my property. The inspector was knowledgeable and attentive to details, identifying potential issues that I hadnt noticed. The report was comprehensive and easy to understand, helping me make informed decisions about the property. While the service was slightly pricey, the peace of mind it offered was worth it. Overall, Bay Area Home Inspections delivered a reliable and insightful evaluation that greatly benefited my home-buying process.

Name: M****** B******
Date: 2023-08-25 17:49:42
Rating: 5
Comment: I will HIGHLY recommend Bay Area Home Inspections. They are experts in this field, and I can guarantee you will have a complete and detailed inspection in your hands and no surprises when it comes to closing on your new home. They helped us out with our new home and the reports are fantastic & detailed and have helped us efficiently plan for future repairs/renovations as needed. Their work is absolutely thorough and detailed. They are honest which is hard to come by these days. I would highly recommend Bay Area Home Inspections to others.

Name: A** K***
Date: 2023-08-09 21:09:16
Rating: 5
Comment: This company is very professional and kind.They spent a long time checking every detail of my home at the inspections they took the time to answer all my questions,preview what they was going to put on report ,let me know what was actually something to worry about and possible to fix ,and was very freindly throughout .They shared information with me that wasn’t even his responsibility so i had more than enough information to know exactly what I was buying .Thank you . Highly recommend!!!

Name: E*** Z***** A***
Date: 2023-08-08 04:17:07
Rating: 5
Comment: As a real estate investor I really recommend bay area home inspection,They know what they are doing , very professional , knowledgeable and punctual .Before i ask them get quoted by other inspection company and they offer the best and reasonable price in the town .im sure you are not regret to hire them

Name: M**** A******
Date: 2023-08-01 04:10:12
Rating: 5
Comment: Bay Area Home Inspections gave me the most spectacular service. They helped me to save over $30,000 when I was ready to purchase a house. It came out that the house had a mayor roof problem. They were able to figure this out with their efficient and friendly service. I recommend everyone to visiting this company when in need of an inspection. Thank you for helping me Bay Area Home Inspection!!!

Name: M****** S*****
Date: 2023-07-28 07:50:31
Rating: 5
Comment: I was in the process of buying a home in the Bay Area so of course I had to have it inspected. I contacted this company and was amazed at the level of professionalism they displayed. When the inspector inspected the home, he made sure to check everwhere. I previously bought a home that turned out to have a damaged roof. The inspector at the time did not do a good job. Upon comparing the two companies, I’m relieved that these knowledgeable people did their job. It lifted a whole lot of weight off my shoulders knowing that the home I’m buying is in good condition. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who’s looking to pirchase a home in the Bay Area. They will make sure your home is in tip top shape!

Name: A** C********
Date: 2023-07-25 18:33:59
Rating: 5
Comment: We 100% recommend their Service. This company is operated by nothing but professionals! A friend of mine referred me to get our inspections. They are experts, as I needed someone to help dispute some findings that a buyers inspection company found during my recent home sale.They checked out my home and the areas in question and were supremely helpful in my negotiation process with the buyer (and his poor inspection company).It was going to be a nightmare sale process if not for these guys coming and doing a QUALITY inspection of my home. Thank you for the phenomenal service. I highly recommend these guys to anyone in the house selling or buying process.

Name: M***** C********
Date: 2023-07-12 22:25:34
Rating: 5
Comment: Exceptional Home Inspection Experience with Bay Area Home Inspections!I recently had the pleasure of using Bay Area Home Inspections for a home inspection, and I am delighted with their services. From start to finish, their team displayed remarkable professionalism, extensive knowledge, and an unwavering attention to detail. The inspector was thorough and meticulous, leaving no stone unturned during the inspection process. The comprehensive report provided was invaluable, clearly outlining any issues discovered and offering valuable recommendations for resolution. Their expertise instilled confidence and peace of mind, allowing me to make informed decisions. Furthermore, the customer service was outstanding, with prompt and friendly communication. I wholeheartedly recommend Bay Area Home Inspections for their expertise and commitment to delivering an exceptional home inspection experience. Their five-star service truly sets them apart!

Name: R B
Date: 2023-07-07 19:35:48
Rating: 5
Comment: A friend of mine recommended the services of Bay Area Home Inspections. Very professional, friendly and super thorough with the inspection. Their report was very detailed providing me valuable insight, enabling me to make an informed decision. I got the full report very quickly. If you need a home inspection, this is the company to go with.

Name: A***** V********
Date: 2023-07-06 20:06:34
Rating: 5
Comment: I recently had the pleasure of using Bay area home inspections for a home inspection, and I am extremely satisfied with their services. Their team displayed exceptional professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail throughout the entire process. The inspector was thorough and meticulous, examining every aspect of the property. They provided a comprehensive report, highlighting any issues and offering valuable recommendations. Their expertise gave me peace of mind and helped me make informed decisions. The customer service was top-notch, with prompt communication and a friendly approach. I highly recommend this company for their expertise and commitment to delivering an excellent home inspection experience.

Name: A***** A***
Date: 2023-06-04 07:26:12
Rating: 5
Comment: Thank you Bay Area Home Inspections for you help finding the house of my preference. So far Im enjoying every feature of the new house you helped me choose and will surely recommend your services to anyone who seeks the same services. The most interesting thing about Bay Area Home Inspections was their professionalism and easily understanding my preferences. Kudos, and keep it up.

Name: S***** M****
Date: 2023-06-03 03:52:50
Rating: 5
Comment: I contacted the company because I was interested in buying a home in the Bay Area. They came out to do the inspection and had amazing customer service. They answered all of my questions, and addressed every single concern while explaining the process thoroughly. They went above and beyond in regards to communication.I would definitely use them again and highly recommend them to anyone that needs a property inspection company.

Name: V******* K*****
Date: 2023-06-02 19:42:52
Rating: 5
Comment: Bay Area Home Inspections is the company to help you live your perfect life. We all want to live in safe conditions for our lives, and as a mother of a little girl, I decided that it was necessary to conduct a home inspection before bringing a child there. My friends recommended Bay Area Home Inspections to check the home for all allergens and harmful substances. I have never regretted my decision! Now I live with confidence that nothing threatens the life of my family!

Name: A****** H********
Date: 2023-05-23 20:08:13
Rating: 5
Comment: I am new to the Bay area and my future neighbors recommended this company; I am so happy they did. They are fast, knowledgeable, professional and just overall nice people. I did not know much about inspections or anything being this is my first home I am purchasing, and they went over and beyond just to put my mind at ease and help me beyond there professional field. I recommend this company!

Name: A**** V********
Date: 2023-05-18 13:46:57
Rating: 5
Comment: Bay Area Home Inspections exceeded my expectations in every way. From scheduling the appointment to receiving the final report, the entire process was smooth and professional. The inspector was punctual, knowledgeable, and meticulous. They took the time to address my concerns and provided valuable insights. With their help, I felt confident in making an informed decision about my potential home purchase. I highly recommend Bay Area Home Inspections for their exceptional service.

Name: L**** S*****
Date: 2023-05-10 18:36:22
Rating: 5
Comment: I had a fantastic experience with Bay Area Home Inspections. The inspector was prompt, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. They left no stone unturned, thoroughly examining every aspect of my property. The inspection report was detailed and easy to understand. I felt confident in their assessment and would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of a home inspection.

Name: a*** t*********
Date: 2023-05-06 09:07:18
Rating: 5
Comment: I m very thankful to Erast@Bay Area Home Inspections for helping with the inspection of the property, the Rep was very professional, sounded polite on the phone, arrived exactly on time and was fast and efficient, and the report was delivered quickly.Also helped us with price negotiations.I highly recommend them!

Name: M*** A*********
Date: 2023-05-04 21:46:15
Rating: 5
Comment: The staff here are very professional and honest. They have put me at ease and in a position to save a great deal of money. Buying a home is a large commitment and you need to know what you are getting. Bay are home inspection was able to spot things that could potentially save me thousands. Thank you so so very much!! I highly recommend this business.

Name: N*** A*****
Date: 2023-04-27 17:05:46
Rating: 5
Comment: Exceptional service! This company is knowledgeable. They identified problems missed by the previous inspector, but more importantly, they thoughtfully placed areas that werent problems yet but could pose a problem later. Well be asking Bay Home Inspectors again to inspect houses.Thank you for this professionalism.

Name: D**** M
Date: 2023-04-26 05:03:42
Rating: 5
Comment: I want to thank your team. My aunt asked for help in buying a house. Picked up a house according to all our requests and criteria. The arrangement was completed in a short time frame. Thank you for the work done, the transaction was carried out correctly and professionally! Thank you very much!

Name: A***** L**
Date: 2023-04-24 20:50:34
Rating: 5
Comment: This company is A+. Super affordable, was very honest and really put effort into the inspection. Bay area co. Did the inspection for my roof, electrical, plumbing, exterior, foundation, attic. I was luckily surprised what needed to be fixed is what the owner told me. No surprises and it was a great assurance that the house only needed minor fixes. Definitely recommend highly!

Name: N****** D*****
Date: 2023-04-21 22:44:50
Rating: 5
Comment: When buying a home in the Bay Area, California, I can recommend Bay Area Home Inspections. Their employees are high professionals, who clearly know what is required of them. When choosing a house, they carried out a thorough check on many parameters, even completely unexpected for me. Electrical, water, shade and window condition, foundation, roof and more. We have been given a report. In the end, I was satisfied, as was my client.

Name: A**** S********
Date: 2023-04-03 18:24:23
Rating: 5
Comment: I recently had a friend tell me about this place and so I took a shot and gave them a call to see what services they have. They have very good customer service and responded quickly I needed something changed in my AC and didn’t know too much what the issue was but they helped me

Name: R** S******
Date: 2023-04-03 16:12:34
Rating: 5
Comment: I’ve never bought property before and I found a property in the Bay Area I love. I wanted to put in an offer and then build on the house one I bought it. I wanted to get the house inspected as it was old and I found these guys online. I called them and then a few days later they came to the house with me and inspected it. They house is in great condition and now i feel comfortable to buy the house… thanks guys!!!

Name: S******* V****** R********
Date: 2023-04-02 20:31:29
Rating: 5
Comment: Trustworthy and prompt! I had the pleasure of working with this business. All of my inquiries were promptly answered, and the entire procedure was fully described. The report was very comprehensive and in-depth. Throughout the entire procedure, the inspector was incredibly responsive and communicative. Working with this business on potential properties in the area in the future is something my team and I will certainly do. I heartily endorse them and will include them on our roster of vendors.

Name: T***** T******
Date: 2023-04-02 20:18:13
Rating: 5
Comment: I recently used Bay Area Home Inspections for a pre-purchase inspection and Im so glad I did. The inspector was very knowledgeable, and thorough, and took the time to explain everything to me in detail. He provided me with a detailed report that was easy to understand and helped me make an informed decision on the home. I had a great experience with them.

Name: N***** H**********
Date: 2023-03-16 09:41:32
Rating: 5
Comment: We are the lucky buyers of a quick-close home that had already been configured by another buyer. Although we did not go through the full customization process, Pulte treated us well and we are happy with the new home. We did have some difficulty working with their in-house mortgage team and ultimately had to go with an outside lender. Other than these hiccups with Pulte Mortgage, we are very pleased.

Name: M***** A******
Date: 2023-03-11 03:11:49
Rating: 5
Comment: When looking for a house even if it’s to just rent getting the place inspected is a must. I am a freak when it comes to moving or my family moving into a new place. Even tho the move was temporary I contacted Bay Area Home Inspection to come out and inspect the home, I wanted to make sure everything was properly maintained so I can get my deposit back when moving out. They were so good s that the person renting me the place got their information to use them in the future. I would so recommend them to anyone to get their place inspected, because you can never be sure where you’re moving into and what can fall apart.

Name: L****
Date: 2023-02-23 23:52:27
Rating: 5
Comment: Bay Area Home Inspections is a reliable and professional home inspection service that I would highly recommend. Their team of experts is knowledgeable, thorough, and pays attention to detail when inspecting a property. From the initial contact to the final report, they provide excellent customer service and ensure that their clients have a clear understanding of the inspection results. They use the latest technology to provide accurate and detailed reports, including photos and recommendations for necessary repairs. Overall, Bay Area Home Inspections is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a trustworthy and comprehensive home inspection service in the Bay Area.

Name: L**** R***
Date: 2023-02-09 20:07:13
Rating: 5
Comment: Bay Area home inspections did a wonderful job inspecting my home before I purchased it they made sure everything was up to date all the were great they save me a headache from trying to find someone else to do it but they came in and such short notice because my other person canceled on me and I would highly recommend them to all my friends

Name: �** �**
Date: 2023-02-07 01:17:50
Rating: 5
Comment: Good afternoon everyone! We were going to sell a house and were faced with the fact that we need to evaluate the house and make an assessment of the house. We began to find out where you can do it the fastest. And we turned to this organization Bay Area Home, everything went as quickly and professionally as possible. I am very glad that I turned to them, they sold the house quickly and everything went at the highest level. thank you 🙏🏼

Name: K*** T*******
Date: 2023-01-27 21:04:10
Rating: 5
Comment: Recently moved down for Work. Bay Area Home Inspections helped me inspect my home and provided me a report Online Quickly! From all the home inspection companies I have worked with, they were beyond the fastest and the report was very detailed. Providing information on aspects of the home that I would have otherwise overlooked.

Name: K******* M***
Date: 2023-01-26 19:40:04
Rating: 5
Comment: We have been very satisfied with the process that Bay Area has in place. We are nearing the end of the design phase and at every meeting we have been pleasantly surprised by the material and their understanding of what we were trying to accomplish. It made the whole process enjoyable. We are anxious to enter into construction!

Name: R***** F****
Date: 2023-01-25 06:17:17
Rating: 5
Comment: It was a pleasure to work with Bay Area Home Inspections. They really helped me to find my dream place to live. The customer service is working great,they asked for my all questions immediately and I appreciate their involvement in the process. Team will always adjusts to your convenient time and suggest a lot of options to get your wishes in real.I had never experienced to find the place for me ,but this company made it easy for me.Will recommend you guys to my friends, thanks a lot.

Name: I**** P******
Date: 2023-01-22 20:50:02
Rating: 5
Comment: Many thanks to Erast@Bay Area Home Inspections for helping with the inspection of the property, was polite on the phone, arrived on time and was quick and efficient, and the report was delivered quickly.Also helped us with price negotiations.I highly recommend Era

Name: L*** P*******
Date: 2023-01-09 17:42:32
Rating: 5
Comment: Amazing !!!!! amazing custoner service , they dont take months like other places eight away they came and found thr issue ! highly recommend!!!!!

Name: L***** V********
Date: 2022-12-30 08:08:33
Rating: 5
Comment: Great work!!! So 6 months ago My cousin was going to buy house for his family. I recommended him to do it with Bay Are home Inspections, because their are the best. So They decided to buy and choose house with this company, because they have never bought house and did not have any experience.This company really is amazing. Now My cousin have safe house finally, because Inspector helped to choose right option. They pay attention to everything such as floor, roof, a/c, plumbing water etc., and also their prices are convenient. They work too much professional and reliable. If I would buy home i will definitely do with them. I highly recommend this company everyone who want buy home.

Name: I*** K********
Date: 2022-12-24 20:11:14
Rating: 5
Comment: We wanted to buy our own house for a long time. The choice was between Los Angeles and San Francisco. My family is small, consists of 3 people. The house is not very big, but cozy and reliable. Finally , we choose a house in San Francisco. We found a house that we liked and it was with a good price.The house was beautiful from the outside. But how can we know about how it was built, what material, in what condition is it now? our friends advised us to contact the Bay Area Hom Inspection with these questions. The agent from the Inspectorate, with whom we cooperated, showed us the house from all sides: rooms, attic, basement. talked about all the positive and negative aspects in the construction of the house. We are very grateful to the agent and Bay Area Hom Inspection. They were very professional and knowledgeable . We are very grateful. So I definitely recommend this agency.

Name: A**** M********
Date: 2022-12-15 19:24:35
Rating: 5
Comment: My cousins lives in Bay area and he wanted to buy a house. I recommended Bay Area Home Inspections to my cousin for his home inspections. We were very happy with their services because they went above and beyond to do a detailed inspection on the house that we put a offer. They provided a detailed report for minor and major improvements or repair. During the inspection, they walked me through the house to show mt the good and bad conditions of the house. Very satisfied and thanks to them

Name: F***** R******
Date: 2022-12-12 19:22:18
Rating: 5
Comment: The Bay Area Home Inspection team was very helpful with my parents. They made our experience incredible. I was impressed with the service. We needed someone reliable and they do that job. Highly recommend!!!

Name: A***** S****
Date: 2022-12-06 17:56:27
Rating: 5
Comment: The company is really professional. They comply with everything they promise, prices where super good, and everything that they did was wonderful. They answer all my questions and concerns. I definitely recommend this company and his entire group of professional workers. Don’t hesitate in hire them for any report you need, it is very reliable and prompt. If you are buy a home and you need an inspection, this is the company.

Name: T****** I********
Date: 2022-11-18 19:20:27
Rating: 5
Comment: What a stress to buy real estate. These guys made it a very easy process! Everyone told and showed, helped with all the documents. Professionals in their field! I recommend it!

Name: A* E*
Date: 2022-11-15 20:20:17
Rating: 5
Comment: Bay Area home inspections you are great. I buy my house (first buyer”) and i didnt expect that the stressful inspection process can ve so easy and simply . I called their office and i had really helpful and fast service. I need also somethings to fix and change in my house . They continue helping in any stage of the construction . Thanks a lot guys ill work with you again for sure

Name: C******* L**
Date: 2022-11-15 19:59:09
Rating: 5
Comment: Extremely helpful and I was surprised by how knowledgeable they were about the laws, policies, and regulations within the bay area. I highly recommend for those who are new to the area or what confirmation from a housing authority when finding a new place. They were friendly, on-time, and very professional.

Name: A******* P********
Date: 2022-11-10 22:29:32
Rating: 5
Comment: Bay Area Home Inspections was very quick to respond to my inspection request. They put together a thorough and fair inspection on the home. Their layout and presentation of the inspection is better than others. Their online order and review page is also very easy to use. Highly recommend.

Name: P**** O*********
Date: 2022-11-10 05:47:25
Rating: 5
Comment: Undoubtedly, this service has five stars out of five in customer service! Buying a home is not an easy thing, and constant stress, because you dont know what to pay attention to so that there are no problems later. My friends advised me to contact a special service. Ive been choosing for a long time who I can entrust with such an important matter. After talking to the manager of Bay Area Home Inspectors, I had no doubt that these guys know their job, and I was not mistaken. During the conversation, they answered all my questions, gave recommendations and suggestions. They helped me a lot! I highly recommend them!

Name: E****** M*****
Date: 2022-11-03 20:34:39
Rating: 5
Comment: The Bay Area Home Inspection team was very professional, wonderful and very clear in their explanations of their work. My experience has been amazing with them. I 100% recommend Bay Area Home Inspection to everyone who wants the best quality service and professional teams.

Name: S*** S******
Date: 2022-10-29 22:08:39
Rating: 5
Comment: Reliable and Prompt! I had the pleasure of working with this company as our Property Management Group is expanding in the Bay area. I was initially impressed by the customer service. All my questions were immediately addressed and the entire process thoroughly explained. The report was very detailed and thorough. Inspector was extremely communicative and responsive throughout entire process. My team and I will definitely be working with this company in the future for potential properties in the area. I highly recommend and will be adding them to our list of vendors.🥰

Name: H*** S**** S**
Date: 2022-10-17 20:43:10
Rating: 5
Comment: The Bay Area Home Inspection team was very professional, punctual, and very clear in their explanations of their work. Therefore, I would absolutely recommend them to anyone. They were professional, well-informed, and all-around wonderful people! They were willing to cooperate when I made last-minute requests for inspections. Because the crew has a ton of expertise and uses the best tools possible while conducting their inspections, I have complete confidence in the correctness of their results.

Name: N****** B*****
Date: 2022-10-14 18:08:51
Rating: 5
Comment: My experience with this company was so satisfying. Being a first time buyer with no real knowledge is something stressful. But the company gave me lots of information and suggestions and the whole process was very successful. Highly recommend them.

Name: J**** �*************** K***
Date: 2022-10-05 20:46:09
Rating: 5
Comment: Would highly recommend Bay Area Home Inspections for your home inspections needs. Although this housing market is crazy still get a home inspection. They were able to complete a home inspection on a potential property for my family and found lots of issues. Some of the issues included mold, unsafe wiring and foundation issues. Thankfully they found the issues and explained them clearly to me before I closed on the house.

Name: A** A**
Date: 2022-10-05 02:15:28
Rating: 5
Comment: Great experience overall. Quick and profetional inspection will all small details for entries house .Highly recommend Bay Area Home Inspections. Inspector showed up on time, was extremely professional, detailed, and did not try to upsell us on anything. Just the facts, easy and professional. Thank you so much.

Name: M**** S********
Date: 2022-09-21 21:43:35
Rating: 5
Comment: In fact like for everyone our apartment is the most expensive investment for us that we will ever make. I most certainly want a thorough and reliable property inspection from someone I can trust before I can confidently decide on the terms of selling or purchasing the property of interest. Being informed about the need for any minor or major improvements or repairs, knowing the true condition of the structure. They give us good service we reached our goal. Thank you

Name: S******* B****
Date: 2022-09-09 20:32:49
Rating: 5
Comment: We needed a reliable home inspections company. A co-worker recommended this business. I have to say they are reliable, honest, and very professional at what they do. We had no issues and they made sure to get the inspections done in a timely and affordable manner.

Name: E******* D**************
Date: 2022-09-02 18:11:59
Rating: 5
Comment: My husband and I were looking for a new house, and before moving in, we decided to get a professional home inspection. I checked the reviews of Bay Area Home Inspections and decided to stick with them, which I don’t regret at all. I had a great experience with them. The guy that was in charge gave us a list of what should be fixed and explained everything. I would definitely recommend them !

Name: e**** c*****
Date: 2022-09-02 02:49:58
Rating: 5
Comment: My experience with Bay Area Home Inspections was everything I thought it wouldn’t be. With how things are in the housing market and being a first time home buyer, I had no clue what I was doing. Bay Area Home Inspections helped me through the whole process explaining things along the way and they had patience with me ! If you are looking for inspectors to help you through your home buying experience, definitely call Bay Area Home Inspections

Name: G*******
Date: 2022-08-22 21:41:01
Rating: 5
Comment: Great inspection agency, we are first home buyers and they really helped us a lot, inspector was on time and very knowledgeable, dually ca licensed. We were happy with the mega informative report. Recommend them 100% to everyone who chooses quality.

Name: A**** D*********
Date: 2022-08-19 21:57:12
Rating: 5
Comment: Such a high quality experience from start to end!! My home inspector treated me with the utmost care and respect. He answered all my questions thoroughly and what usually takes a home inspector 2 hours, was a 4 hour job for him because he looked at every single detail. That saved us so much money in the long run and I appreciated it so much. 10-10 would recommend again!!!

Name: N******* P********
Date: 2022-07-15 20:33:19
Rating: 5
Comment: As first time buyers of a house it was awful at first. Turns out you can’t just buy a house and move in. When we were told we need an inspection we immediately started looking at reviews for different places. These guys definitely had the best reviews and they lived up to them. Great service!

Name: M****** M********
Date: 2022-07-15 16:56:03
Rating: 5
Comment: My experience has been amazing with Bay Area Home Inspections. Not only did they help me out in the process for looking at homes but they are very knowledgeable and gave some amazing recommendations for the best neighborhoods and areas to live and raise a family in. I am very satisfied with their service! I couldnt be happier. 10/10 would recommend.

Name: V*** M****
Date: 2022-07-07 21:34:02
Rating: 5
Comment: Bay Area Home Inspections they helped me a lot. I was at first hesitant to hire someone to help me. but after contacting them, I did not regret a single cent spent on inspection. if not for them, I would have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a house that would have to be redone later and spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars more! although at first that house seemed normal to me, but professionals see what ordinary people can’t see and they warned me against a bad purchase. thanks a lot!

Name: S***** G****
Date: 2022-06-25 23:05:05
Rating: 5
Comment: When buying and selling a home, make sure you protect your investment with a home inspection. Bay Area Home Inspections will provide an excellent home inspection. They offer friendly customer service and expert knowledge as well as years of experience in the field. Most definitely recommended for a first time home buyer.

Name: p**** h*******
Date: 2022-06-22 21:40:15
Rating: 5
Comment: Excellent inspction company .Bay Area inspction is professional , knowledgeable and friendly.I highly recommend for this Company .Thank u Bay Area

Name: G****** H******
Date: 2022-06-03 21:19:48
Rating: 5
Comment: Bay area home inspection has excellent five-star all the way around customer service. Buying a home is already stressful. And being a first time buyer I had no idea what to do. I was told I needed to get a house inspection. I started calling around and I just couldn’t find the help I thought I needed.I called Bay Area home inspection. The team was great they answered all my questions gave me a quote. When the Inspector came out he allowed me to walk around with him and he was very professional. I asked more questions and the inspector was very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Bay Area home inspection.

Name: R*** L*******
Date: 2022-05-30 20:47:18
Rating: 5
Comment: I was recommended this company by my friend and never regreted! we bought a house and knew we would change it, but then I realized that its not so easy and I we had lots of restrictions, so we contact th3 Bay Area home inspection they helped a lot, very professional and accurate, now we are happy in our new renovated house! thanks a lot and all the best

Name: L**** D***
Date: 2022-05-17 02:14:08
Rating: 5
Comment: I was looking for a home inspector for a one-family house in Bay Area that I was interested in. I found them online and he was able to give me an appointment two days later. The inspector was very knowledgeable and thorough with the inspection. During the walkthrough, he answered all the questions that I had and I received the inspection report in three days. I would recommend them to anyone that needs a home inspection.

Name: A**** F******
Date: 2022-05-14 21:46:14
Rating: 5
Comment: It was a pleasure working with this company. We didnt want our investment to become a money pit, we needed a solid opinion and we wanted to be certain about our inspector.We checked around and found this company.These guys are not only certified as inspectors,but also as general contractors. These guys answered all the questions and supported it by detailed report.We didnt end up getting the property based on the inspection report and it was easy getting out of contract.We will continue working with this company.

Name: �*** �********
Date: 2022-04-11 01:06:42
Rating: 5
Comment: We finally bought a house for our parents in California.They have been looking for just such a house for so long - their dream home.Thanks to the Bay Area Home Inspection, our parents future home was thoroughly inspected and provided with a report. The inspector checked every detail very carefully and even gave good advice about repairs.Thank you to the entire Bay Area Home Inspection team for a job well done.

Name: S**** H***
Date: 2022-04-08 00:03:15
Rating: 5
Comment: I have never sought professional help, but in the case of the Bay Area home inspection, everything went surprisingly easily and pleasantly. the local inspector answered my many questions, showed me the best places and repeatedly got in touch for repeated a result, my family and I looked after a cozy house and were able to settle in a new place without any problems. If you have any questions, Ill happy to share my experience! I think that as many people as possible should learn about this company. Definitely recommend!

Name: C******** T*****
Date: 2022-04-06 18:27:04
Rating: 5
Comment: Buying a home can already be one of the most stressful things because of all the steps you have to complete prior to moving in. A home inspection is one of those things that you must check off the list. A lot rides on your home inspection so it’s important to have a reliable and efficient company to get the job done. We used Bay Area Home Inspections and I have absolutely no complaints. They guy that helped us was very thorough when going through and explaining the things he found and what needed to be fixed. He even gave us a list starting with our most pressing issues to our not so pressing issues! It was beneficial for me because I was a first time home buyer and honestly had no clue what half of what he was talking about meant but he made sure to walk me through it all! Would definitely recommend them to anyone! They made our home buying experience just a little less stressful!

Name: N**** R******
Date: 2022-04-01 22:24:19
Rating: 5
Comment: I recently had a remodel done of my house and needed to get a house inspection before any work was done. I was referred by a good friend of mine to try out this company and I am very happy I did. They were very professional and informative. I am known to ask alot of questions they answered all my questions that I had along the way and then some. I welcome anyone to give them a call and use their services. Friendly, responsive and get the job done.

Name: L***** F********
Date: 2022-03-27 22:33:07
Rating: 5
Comment: Very professional and thorough inspections done by this company. I was pleased with my roof inspection, as it was very thorough and detailed. Super professional and knowledgeable firm that is unique to San Francisco and is on a completely different level when it comes to knowledge of the inspector. I highly recommend this.

Name: V******** B*******
Date: 2022-03-23 00:34:21
Rating: 5
Comment: Good afternoon, everyone! We bought the first house and it was the first experience for us in general. I didnt really understand anything about it, the girl naturally, especially. Contacted Bay Area Home Inspections and did not regret it!The inspection report was very detailed, we had no idea that there were so many details. We are super satisfied with the work of the inspector! He is professional. Strictly recommended 👍

Name: T**** D****
Date: 2022-03-16 18:55:39
Rating: 5
Comment: We bought a house in bay area and my friends recommend me this company. I chose this company and I didnt fail. They are professional, responsive and with good prices. They sent me a report very quickly, good quality. I highly recommend this company to all my friends and a for new people. They deserve it 👏

Name: e*** m**********
Date: 2022-03-08 17:53:37
Rating: 5
Comment: Very happy with the service we received from Bay Area home inspections. Already knew I would be using their services from the first few minutes I was speaking to someone who was assisting me with making the arrangement. The inspection itself went great and was very thorough. Will definitely be recommending them to anyone who inquired about services like this in the area.

Name: V****** H***********
Date: 2022-03-04 18:13:58
Rating: 5
Comment: My cousin’s family decided to leave for California from New Jersey last summer and purchased a house just with online pictures of a house. I recommend them to use the service of Bay Area Home Inspections as they provide full range of home inspection from the roof to the foundation. So the inspectors made a detailed inspection of the house very professionally and provided detailed report completed within 3 days. My cousin was very excited and satisfied.

Name: A******** R********
Date: 2022-02-17 21:28:12
Rating: 5
Comment: My favorite home inspection companies. They worked really good, were on time, left the house without any issues and charged really good. I recommend this to everyone. I just moved from LA to the Bay Area and didn’t know any companies that could help me out with my home but their team came and helped!

Name: K**** S*****
Date: 2022-02-10 20:01:24
Rating: 5
Comment: Very professional the staff at bay area home inspections were very friendly and professional and on top of great service during my inspection he let me tag along and any question that came to mind he didnt mind at all and answered all very educational!

Name: F**** Z****
Date: 2022-02-06 17:34:30
Rating: 5
Comment: We are new in California and hardly know anyone. We just bought our new home here. with the advice of Bay Area Home Inspections. Initially, we are so nervous then one of my uncle referred them. We are glad that we took his advice. Bay Area Home Inspections team was really professional and provide us with an accurate report. They know how to work and check each and every detail. Thank You.

Name: N******** N*****
Date: 2022-01-18 03:59:15
Rating: 5
Comment: Great service. I was very skeptical about using them because they’re prices are too good to be true and because I have never owned a new home before. So I would really like to encourage new homeowners to use them they are very professional and very god at what they do they also walked me though to what they will be checking for in the house so I thought that was really nice of them because I was totally lost on why do I need to do an inspection in my house. Am very grateful to you guys for sticking to your word and for doing exactly what was expected for you I will definitely recommend your business to family and friends in need

Name: G*** M
Date: 2022-01-04 23:04:03
Rating: 5
Comment: I had never had to deal with getting a home inspection before, so I was really nervous. Im happy to say this company made me feel super comfortable. They explained everything thoroughly without making me feel dumb and gave me a great price. I also love that its a woman-owned business! I would absolutely recommend them.

Name: L***** L*****
Date: 2021-12-22 21:45:07
Rating: 5
Comment: Hello everyone a few years ago when we considered purchasing a property, and remembered his thorough approach. We reached out to him this year again, and he promptly responded and flexibly arranged an appointment to fit a sellers schedule. They did a comprehensive inspection and shared professional opinions as well as his personal insight which we value and appreciate. Thank you so much for your help! They have goos service ever Trust Them 🌛🌞🌒 im very pleasure if you want buy Home or House Call them

Name: S******* A V******
Date: 2021-12-18 06:35:23
Rating: 5
Comment: Excellent and 5 stars all the way.From the time we requested our quote, ourinteraction with the team was amazing. They wereprompt and answered all our questions andscheduled our inspection.Then we were further impressed with ourinspector who was extremely courteous,professional and thorough. They did a great job oninspecting our new construction and the report was very detailed. Extremely happy with Bay Area Home Inspection my family and l will certainly recommend them, they are extremelyprofessional and very competitive. Thank you for such an amazing job.

Name: S*** S**** G********
Date: 2021-12-02 22:11:01
Rating: 5
Comment: I am recommencing Bay Area Inspections for 100%. We needed to have inspected a house before buying it. I was looking for an inspecting company and came across them. I didnt even know how the process should go or what are some important points I need to check. They are very knowledgeable and explained us everything. They did a great job for us. If you need to get your house inspected then must give them a call.

Name: M****** B******
Date: 2021-11-26 20:26:08
Rating: 5
Comment: I was going to buy our first home and had no idea what to do. When I was told we needed to get the house inspected first, I looked at a lot of different inspection companies to find someone reputable.The reviews for Bay Area Home Inspections looked really good, so we decided to hire them. The inspection report was surprisingly detailed! They talked about EVERYTHING, the plumbing, light fixtures, flooring, roofing, etc. I was super-impressed with the detail they put into it!They have a lot of integrity because they weren’t afraid to mention the areas that needed improvements. They were also very affordable. I will totally use them again!

Name: s***** s****
Date: 2021-11-21 18:08:00
Rating: 5
Comment: Very professional and thorough inspections done by this company. Super helpful . They helped me save alot of money very honest company I had them inspect my home and my friend had hers done as well i recommend them all inspections done in a timely manner as well.

Name: A**** K****
Date: 2021-11-15 22:32:09
Rating: 5
Comment: I satisfied their work 100%. I needed to check some houses and I have got full report. In one of Reports mentioned even of damaged lights in the kitchen, in the second report I found information the broken water heater, upstairs bathroom where the leak originated from. All of them were with pictures. Excellent job! they saved my money.

Name: G***** K***********
Date: 2021-11-07 21:44:49
Rating: 5
Comment: Great, great company! Highly reccommend! My wife and I are first time home buyers and were reccommended to this company by a friend of ours. They definitelty did not dissapoint. They were very professional and respectful. They came out to the home on time and completed their work with no problems. We were very happy we had the house inspected because if we hadnt we wouldnt have known about the mold issue. Also they were super quick with the inspection results!!

Name: C**** K***
Date: 2021-10-27 21:52:03
Rating: 5
Comment: I typically am not the type to write reviews, but this company has been very good to me so I decided to write one. I called them because I wanted to have my home checked all around to make sure there were no termites and such, and my experience was great. They came on time, we’re super friendly and have me a great experience.

Name: L**** H***
Date: 2021-10-12 22:48:10
Rating: 5
Comment: By and far, Bay Area Home Inspections is my recommendation for you if you are someone new to the house inspection experience.Me and my partner just purchased our first home in the Bay area and had no idea who to choose from when it came to house inspections.There are a multitude of options to choose from and after having read a few of the reviews, we felt safe enough to make the decision to go with them and we honestly couldnt be more pleased.The inspector was able to detail to use all of what were potential issues that we may need to become aware of in the future, as well as walking us through all of what he inspected in our home so that we felt like we had a grasp of what was really going on in the home.all in all, we are very pleased with our experience and would definitely recommend these guys to anyone else who is looking to set up a home inspection.

Name: J** A*******
Date: 2021-10-11 23:57:30
Rating: 5
Comment: It was my first time having a property inspection. I read about this company based on the rave reviews. Bay Area did not disappoint. They came on time to have the property inspected--shoot, I was the one who came 45 min late to the inspection I arranged. Nonetheless they did his job well and even waited almost 30 min for a tenant to open her door for us--without blaming or chastising. I was impressed by how professional and friendly the were. They explained his inspection in detail, answered all my questions, down to the the basic inspection terms I was not familiar with. Even gave me off the cuff sage advise on the types of specialists to look for when getting quotes.In addition, as he promised, they sent me the inspection report within 48 hours, and mold inspection report. within 72 hours.Will definitely consider them again when getting my next property inspected.

Name: N***** S********
Date: 2021-10-06 00:35:37
Rating: 5
Comment: Reliable and Prompt! I had the pleasure of working with this company as our Property Management Group is expanding in the Bay area. I was initially impressed by the customer service. All my questions were immediately addressed and the entire process thoroughly explained. The report was very detailed and thorough. Inspector was extremely communicative and responsive throughout entire process. My team and I will definitely be working with this company in the future for potential properties in the area. I highly recommend and will be adding them to our list of vendors.

Name: A***** E****
Date: 2021-09-28 00:57:10
Rating: 5
Comment: I have heard that when you are buying your first property, companies will take advantage of your lack of knowledge. Well that may be true for other companies, but that is not true for Bay Area Home Inspectors. We received honest work and wonderful service. As this was my first time considering a purchase in real estate, I had a lot of questions, and they were very patient. I am very happy that this is the team we chose to do our inspections.

Name: L**** N********
Date: 2021-09-23 15:04:02
Rating: 5
Comment: Having just recently leased our first property, me and my partner were hyper-vigilant about the home that we were so interested in so we requested a home inspection. The reviews seemed impeccable, being almost all 5-starts so we felt comfortable enough to proceed with Bay Area Home Inspections.Truth to be told, our experience was that these people knew what they were doing and we felt comfortable and properly informed of all that we would need to when it came to our new home.Would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is looking for home inspectors.

Name: C***** W* J**** (*******
Date: 2021-09-20 21:45:30
Rating: 5
Comment: I think that it is very important to get a professional and knowledgeable home inspector before you make a purchase of a commercial or residential property and from my years of experience, I know that you have to be careful who you choose.Go with this company and you will definitely have all the information necessary to decide before you buy. I wont tell you why you need a home inspector because their website has a very detailed explanation of this, just know from personal experience that if you buy a house and the inspector doesnt know what theyre doing you could end up with a headache that you cant get rid of. Good luck with your purchase!

Name: P**** U****
Date: 2021-09-07 17:20:32
Rating: 5
Comment: Bay Area Home Inspections was a wonderful find! They did a great job to help me with my project and exceeding my expectations. I’m grateful to have found such a great company to work with. It’s hard to find good hardworking people these days and that’s exactly what I found. They are professional, responsive, and answered all my questions about the inspection. I’m looking forward to hiring again for my next project.

Name: N**** P*********
Date: 2021-09-01 20:45:08
Rating: 5
Comment: We just moved in the area after buying our new house we needed to get our new home inspection done quickly I couldnt believe that they came right out and did the inspection for us we are very pleased with this company I highly recommend Bay Area Inspections they were all very professional and very helpful and friendly aslo did a very thorough inspection.

Name: V************
Date: 2021-08-18 21:38:23
Rating: 5
Comment: So a coworker of mine had suggested this company to me. After expressing my concerns with other inspection companys i had gone too. I would highly recommend these guys. They were able to squeeze me in last minute with no issues. Went over everything with me and gave me recommendations and person options on what to do. He also provided pictures and very detailed information.

Name: n*** c*****
Date: 2021-08-05 08:50:34
Rating: 5
Comment: I was searching thoroughly for a good home inspection company becauae I see a lot of permit problem wirh other people. Im glad I found them. Because they were prompt quick. And courteous!They even fixed my broken patio door before they left! Wow

Name: K****** O*** L***
Date: 2021-08-02 04:26:11
Rating: 5
Comment: I’m giving Bay Area Home Inspection a 5 star review for their excellent service and professionalism. I was about to sign for a new house and A family member told me I should get a thorough inspection before going forward. So he recommended Bay Area Home Inspection. They were very responsive and professional. They came prepared and ready wearing safety masks and gloves and they answered every question I had. They gave me a list of things that needed fixing and they told me to not hesitate if I had any further questions in the future.

Name: S*** C*******
Date: 2021-08-01 09:06:10
Rating: 5
Comment: Was referred to Bay Area Home Inspections by a friend that had used them when she purchase a house a few months ago. I couldnt be more impressed with their service and how efficiently they did the work, as promised within 48 hours of our inspection we had the entire report, with complete details of what needed work and how to fix the repairs.

Name: D******** S****
Date: 2021-07-14 23:28:20
Rating: 5
Comment: We bought a new house in the Bay Area. I wanted to do home inspections before signing. So my friend suggested a Bay Area Home Inspections company. I make appointments and they are on time. They inspect my new house and give me a report with all the major and minor fixes. I talked with the builder and he said they can fix it. I am very thankful for Bay Area Home Inspections because they provide me proper details and provide me more information about buying a house. I will highly recommend Bay Area Home Inspections

Name: B**** N****
Date: 2021-06-18 01:50:14
Rating: 5
Comment: This company is very professional. After experiencing some rough patches, from other company, this place helped us out and did it very quick. They had everything ready before we even knew it. I would def recommend these guys to my friends and fam

Name: S** V**
Date: 2021-06-01 18:35:58
Rating: 5
Comment: Had Bay Area home inspections come in and do an inspection on my roof ! They suggested it needed to be patched up and replace all the old shingles. The inspections was done in a timely manner, I am highly impressed with how fast their team managed to get it done. Their inspection was very detailed and workers were an all around pleasant experience I will be using them again if the need ever arises !

Name: J******* N***
Date: 2021-05-28 20:33:06
Rating: 5
Comment: We used this firm for our roofing inspection and ended up inspecting the entire building. Jeff was our inspector and he pointed out items and deficiencies that were overlooked by other contractors. Report was high end and the follow up from Erast made all items clear to us. We are very stocked that we found this incredible company. Price is well worth the service we received.

Name: l******** r********
Date: 2021-05-28 04:05:30
Rating: 5
Comment: Bay Area Home Inspections was recommended by our realtor and we also recommend them! We ordered a home inspection of a house we were closing on. The agent was super thorough and professional! We appreciated that he took his time to explain the most important parts of the inspection at the end. We also were happy when he gave us a home maintenance guidebook! As a first-time homebuyer, his report really helped us understand all the different parts we need to maintain to have a great working home. Thanks, Bay Area Home Inspections!

Name: T**** G***********
Date: 2021-05-24 19:05:53
Rating: 5
Comment: Wowza, what a company! Not only were they super detailed they were quick! I would highly reccomend you go with them for your roof inspection needs, I would use them again if i needed. I needed a roof repair inspection and it was done in a very timely manner and you will be very pleased . Thank you for all your amazing work and we will definitely tell all our friends and family about you !!

Name: O**** O*****
Date: 2021-05-23 23:26:10
Rating: 5
Comment: Very professional and thorough inspections done by this company. Super helpful and they explained everything very well. They saved me alot of money . I love how honest they are. I had them inspect both of my homes that i plan on renting out. Highly recommend them👌 all inspections done in a timely manner as well.

Name: L*** L****
Date: 2021-05-14 19:00:53
Rating: 5
Comment: My friend recommend this company to me and my Husband . We are currently looking to remodel our home so we can rent it out . These guys are awesome they gave us a great price , they came out on time and inspected our home throughly ! They save us major money and got down to what actually needs to be repaired in our remodeling process . They have overall great knowledge and customer service. Me and my husband are very happy we chose your company to inspect our home . Thank you !

Name: P P******
Date: 2021-05-01 21:56:33
Rating: 5
Comment: I was pleased with my roof inspection, as it was very thorough and detailed. A real relief to find out I didnt need a whole new roof. My repairs were done in a timely manner by a professional and courteous team. Thank you for a job well done Bay Area Home Inspection.

Name: R***** F********
Date: 2021-05-01 19:58:04
Rating: 5
Comment: I was going to buy a house with many issues, a friend told me to talk to this guys and it was the best decision I have made. They found issues with the pipes and ceiling, I could say electric issue too but I can’t even call it electric, they need to change everything before sell that house. Thanks guys! You are the best!!!

Name: A****** N**********
Date: 2021-04-22 01:00:25
Rating: 5
Comment: I’m so glad I found this company for home inspection! Everyone at Bay Area home inspection was very professional and the best part was we constantly spoke to an actual person not an automated representative.They had very reasonable pricing and all services were done just right. Highly recommend to anyone looking for opinions for real estate or need inspection services.

Name: S****** S******
Date: 2021-04-14 08:51:20
Rating: 5
Comment: I got to come across these Bay Area home inspection people they were very responsive and took all the safety measures for covid 19 by wearing masks 😷 and hand sanitizing every time they came for my roof inspection they were very professional at their work they came on time and did they job thank u Bay Area home inspection 😊

Name: R* S
Date: 2021-04-03 22:41:38
Rating: 5
Comment: I have had to work with multiple home inspection company’s but this company is by far the best they are great people and know what they are doing will definitely be having them again die home inspections

Name: A***** K*******
Date: 2021-03-21 22:27:23
Rating: 5
Comment: Not the first time when I had to work with home inspection company, but definitely first time when I had a very good experience was with Bay Area Home Inspections. Highly recommend them, very professional and very organized with what they do. I do not regret contacting them.

Name: M*** S****
Date: 2021-03-16 20:40:26
Rating: 5
Comment: These guys are as professional and helpful as can be! After my first interaction with them, I would not go anywhere else for anything home inspection related. They are reliable, courteous, and know their stuff. Highly, highly recommend.

Name: A******* F*****
Date: 2021-03-02 10:05:57
Rating: 5
Comment: Very cool and advanced inspection firm, based on San Francisco, they provided us with a great service which included a detailed review of the property we were thinking of buying from our landlord. Being a GC and a Roofer, they really went all out on documenting the true condition of the property, no other company in SF had the knowledge to answer our basic questions about structural integrity and possible solar expansion, only Bay Area Home Inspectikns was up to the task.

Name: F*** T*******
Date: 2021-02-26 22:17:52
Rating: 5
Comment: I highly recommend them. They were so professional. First of all, they came COVID prepared, so that’s always important. Secondly they were very thorough about the condition of the home I was looking to purchase. The report they gave me was also long and detailed. I really much look forward to working with them again.

Name: L*** P********
Date: 2021-01-24 03:18:13
Rating: 5
Comment: Had this firm inspect a multi unit residential building with commercial unit within it. Super professional and knowledgeable firm that is unique to San Francisco and is on a completely different level when it comes to knowledge of the inspector. Incomparable to other inspectors we dealt with during our extensive real estate experience, they are a different breed and they are priced accordingly. These are not the best inspectors to use if you want to save, they are the best choice if you need to know the truth about any one building within their coverage area.

Name: P**** C*****
Date: 2021-01-13 20:56:52
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful inspection firm that is highly successful at identifying all issues you do or may have in the future, we hired them to perform a full General home inspection and it was very, very detailed, presented on a highly technological inspection software platform that was easy to read and could be saved in different formats. Loved working with Katia and Jeff and it was a pleasure doing business with them, hope to come back soon.

Name: G** L******** L**
Date: 2021-01-13 17:54:02
Rating: 5
Comment: When we first called them, after hearing the pricing we got a sticker shock. We asked why their prices are two times more than comparable companies in Bay Area and got a very simple answered - licensed, certified master inspectors, bonded, insured and overqualified. We called them initially to inquire about the inspection for a property we were interested in and chose someone else to do the inspection instead due to high price point of the general inspection. We wished we hired them at the very beginning as we had to hire them to re-Inspect. We I spectd with them after the real estate transaction simply because we did not get anything useful from the original, cheaper report, there was absolutely no information in the fancy report of other guys, General disclaimers and empty wording. Bay Area Home Inspections had their partner inspector come out and we had every square inch of the property inspected in the middle of pandemic, wore gloves, respirator mask, shoe covers, brought in a ton of equipment and scanned the entire property. We were surprised at the amount of information that was received in their report, they are most definitely the best in the industry today. Report was easy to read in multiple formats, pictures were clear and support was outstanding. Jeff and Erast and a fabulous team, Katia answered all of our questions when Jeff wasn’t available. A unique and interesting firm.

Name: A*** R******
Date: 2020-08-21 03:50:08
Rating: 5
Comment: Great inspection agency that helped us on multiple occasions inspecting properties that we were interested in. Firm is very specialized and they professionally inspect condos and detached buildings in a very ovscessive way. I would not recommend this firm for sellers, these are the guys if you are buying the property for yourself and don’t know much about construction and codes. Ethical, precise and loaded with information, expect to process at least 60-70 items informational blocks. They are COVID safe and wear protection at all times, we reviewed inspection report with our inspector Erast using zoom. Certified, Licensed and Insured.

Name: T****** L********
Date: 2020-07-23 02:40:19
Rating: 5
Comment: Expensive but worth every penny especially if your purchase price is over 2m. You definitely want these guys to inspect every book and cranny. The real deal these folks 🙂

Name: G*** B
Date: 2020-07-21 20:03:09
Rating: 5
Comment: Nice team that can solve real issues with real properties. Imagine every high end inspection tool possible, scanners, thermal imaging, scopes and probes, radioactive detectors, laboratory test kits and professional air sampling as well as testing for asbestos, don’t forget different types of drones including infrared and HD. They have it and they use it - daily. Call them if you need to get things done.

Name: R*** R*****
Date: 2020-07-21 17:02:25
Rating: 5
Comment: Big thanks to Erast @ Bay Area Home Inspections for helping us with the inspection of a property, was courteous over the phone, arrived on time and was quick and efficient, and a report was delivered fast.Also helped us with price negotiation.I very much recommend Erast with Bay Area Home Inspections to anyone and everyone, they will go out of their way to make sure you are happy!

Name: E**** D*******
Date: 2020-07-21 16:22:45
Rating: 5
Comment: Don’t be fooled by the inspection agency cover, these are licensed general and roofing contractors that are actively involved in their trades, very professional, very knowledgeable and pretty expensive, we needed to document new construction defects and this is the only form we found in Bay Area whose opinion matters due to their licensing specifications in the state.

Name: A******* K**
Date: 2020-07-21 11:06:16
Rating: 5
Comment: The only two drawbacks of this company are the fact that the report creation timeline cannot be changed, no matter what you do. - don’t expect same day or next day report turnaround, it will absolutely have to be 3 days. They are also the most expensive out of all inspection agencies we called. Very friendly, very communicative, never had to wait for inquiry, carry licenses and have workmen’s compensation. Their side business is general contracting and roofs, you unfortunately cannot get them to work for your property if you hire them as inspectors (conflict of interest), they are pretty strict on this, but you can pay extra and get an APR (Approximate Price for Repairs) which helped us in getting some money back from sellers. All around a great outfit, worth the price.

Name: D***** O*****
Date: 2020-07-21 05:46:49
Rating: 5
Comment: Our parents home is falling apart and since we don’t live together - we worry a lot. We noticed shifting floors in one of the rooms as well as some water damage on walls and ceilings, Called Bay Area, they came out in a week, did a write down on the home, we now have a competent report, step by step instruction on what to do and who to use, list of materials needed and it’s all in prioritized manner. Our inspector was Jeff, report was confirmed and analyzed by Erast, they even came out after inspection once to gather more info about an HVAC system that couldn’t be opened. Great team, busy bees.

Name: F***** N****
Date: 2020-07-21 05:22:34
Rating: 5
Comment: Partners bring a ton of experience, staff is friendly and it’s led by a female which is a great plus for us. Guys are distinctive and unique, they love what they do and it shows. If you are buying a property you care about - call BAHI!

Name: K**** G*******
Date: 2020-07-21 04:22:51
Rating: 5
Comment: These folks are a godsend, we called everyone under the white sun to find a firm that can solve our issue with HOA, there were defects that HOA tried to push on us, they kept telling us that they had contractors confirm their findings, we couldn’t find an inspector who is a trustworthy contractor in the eyes of the state. These folks come as certified inspectors but are also licensed in several trades so their opinion matters when it comes to disputes. They inspected our unit, confirmed the findings and generated a fabulous report that broke down every detail into a digestible pieces. We can now say that we oficcially won a 2 year war with HOA! Can’t stress about these guys enough, just beautiful.

Name: B*** k**
Date: 2020-07-19 00:21:51
Rating: 5
Comment: Easy, simple and unique: They are a general contractor, insured, bonded and licensed. Had them inspect a condo that we are interested in buying, inspector was Jeff and he wore a mask and gloves entire time, he later had us on a zoom call, explained everything inspection item in detail, report was detailed and we later received an updated write down once all safety hazard issues were repaired. Can’t say enough about the ease of experience with these guys, down to earth, easygoing. Price was steep but all other inspection agencies were either booked for 2 weeks or were folks from the street with certifications and limitations. Buy with ease with them or worry if you hire someone.

Name: A** P***
Date: 2020-07-18 21:07:53
Rating: 5
Comment: Aside from the pricing, we are very satisfied with the agency. Real person on the phone (not an answering service - an inspector), great and timely communication through all channels we use Email, Viber and SMS. Never a delay, never a waiting game, it’s easy and fun to get your appointment scheduled. Inspector came 15 minutes before set time and patiently waited in a marked vehicle, gloves, reapirators and social distancing were in full effect. It was money well spent with these licensed and knowledgeable folks, we hope to use them again for the next purchase, Erast made it happen!

Name: N****** S****
Date: 2020-07-18 20:45:08
Rating: 5
Comment: Great inspection agency that is straight forward, simple and uses the latest applied science in their field of expertise with all the bells and whistles that come with it. Powerful report (on a heavy side) with many items that at times feel obscessive compulsive. These are pros in their field and they have been around for more than a decade, licensed, insured and bonded. We worked with Erast and Jeff on this transaction.

Name: D**** S*
Date: 2020-07-18 19:30:50
Rating: 5
Comment: Easy as 1,2,3 ! Brilliant and fast! defiantly recommend Service a specially when comes business to business. Great thank you to all team Erast, Kati and Jeff. Helped with all questions. Professional team with great experience.

Name: M***** S*******
Date: 2020-07-18 19:22:44
Rating: 5
Comment: Many thanks to Tom and Erik for delivering during challenging times of Corona. 2020 is the year will remember for a long time, 10 points for the inspection team

Name: H****** G*****
Date: 2020-04-10 18:46:25
Rating: 5
Comment: 5-stars to DJ & Chris - what a fantastic team. As a real estate broker, I ensure that my vendors are an extension of the white-glove service that I provide. I have no hesitation in recommending Bay Area Home Inspections to anyone seeking to have their property inspected.The team is extremely professional & responsive. Their inspection reports are detailed and easy to read. DJ took his time in inspecting the property, and did a thorough walkthrough with my Seller & I at the end of the inspection - highlighting recommended fixes and answering any questions we both had. Looking forward to working together again with Bay Area Home Inspections during my next transaction!

Name: G****** S**********
Date: 2020-03-08 19:37:50
Rating: 5
Comment: We had a great experience with Bay Area Home Inspections. They are very professional and timely. Reports are detailed and to the point. I would whole heartedly recommend their services to anybody who is getting a home, new or old.

Name: J**** L*****
Date: 2020-02-06 14:39:42
Rating: 5
Comment: Quick and professional. A pleasure to deal with.

Name: C**** J******
Date: 2020-01-21 01:01:37
Rating: 5
Comment: Bay Area Home Inspections provides a level of detail I dont usually see, including aerial photos, moisture readings and infrared scans. Chris is friendly, knowledgeable and provides excellent value in addition to his expert analysis and counsel. I wont hesitate to use him again or recommend him to clients.

Name: M****** h*****
Date: 2019-03-02 01:28:24
Rating: 5
Comment: Cannot say enough kind words about Chris and BAHI. Professional, personal, and no BS. Highly recommended!

Name: S***** T*****
Date: 2018-10-05 20:17:18
Rating: 5
Comment: Requested a home inspection on a property was considering to purchase - the day before I needed it. Bay Area HI came through and was able to fit me in. Very flexible scheduling.DJ came out and was amazing. I wasnt there, but my wife said he was very thorough, explained all his observations to her in detail, and really showed an interest in making sure we got the information about the home that we needed to make an offer.The report was VERY high quality and delivered quickly via a web link. Lots of good photos that were very helpful in our evaluation.I would highly recommend them for any inspection work.THANKS!

Name: K**** D*****
Date: 2014-10-31 20:18:30
Rating: 5
Comment: Great inspection service here in San Francisco. We were looking for an investment property and contacted Bay Area Home Inspections. Denys was very helpful and we had a great overview of the property we were looking at.Reasonably priced and very accommodating service.