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Name: D*** W***
Date: 2023-09-30 10:00:53
Rating: 5
Comment: We asked the roofing company to replace the shingles on the backyard porch. I saw that weeds were growing on the gutters as well, so I knew it was great timing to get their services. The roofers arrived on time and got things done correctly for us.

Name: J**** D***
Date: 2023-08-07 16:00:42
Rating: 5
Comment: Their roofers handled the re-roofing quite easily. The project got done right, and the results were better than expected.

Name: D***** M****
Date: 2023-01-27 03:05:54
Rating: 5
Comment: We lived in an old house, so we knew there would be some reasonable roofing maintenance that needed to get done. One of the things that cropped up suddenly was the collapse of the gutter and downspout system in place. Thankfully, no one was hurt when it fell. The result was an absolute mess. I called the roofing service company and asked for a house call from their roofing expert. The serviceman arrived within the day, and he did a preliminary assessment. I braced myself for a substantial potential bill, but the guy provided me with a reasonable cost. Their service team did a great job with my concern.
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Name: R**** N***
Date: 2018-04-13 18:23:55
Rating: 5
Comment: We had to fix up the siding, clean the gutters, and replace a section of our roof. Working with this roofing contractor in LA, was the best choice we could ever make. The owner of was at our disposal from day one. The techs were here on time and did their job neatly. We got a detailed estimate right from the start and the way they would carry out their work. We had a great experience. Recommended roofing company!

Name: M****** S******
Date: 2017-06-30 15:12:50
Rating: 5
Comment: Los Angeles Roofing Pro responded to my call promptly and did a great job in our home. We actually had a huge project in mind. We wanted to replace the roof and so asked around a lot and did some serious research before ending up working with this roofing company. Not only did the roofing contractor visited our home soon after we made contact with the company but also called to confirm our appointment. They did the same before they came for the roof replacement. They were all well organized and made the process as stress-free as it could be.What we also liked was that the contractor gave several roofing options based on our budget but without compromising insulation etc. He was more than patient with us asking questions and answered every little one in great detail. Such things are very important when it comes to such big projects. To sum up: amazing work, friendly and expert roofers, fair price. It make us kind of wonder why we didnt replace our roof sooner!

Name: L****** V****
Date: 2017-04-24 14:41:04
Rating: 5
Comment: In spite of the ordeal caused by roof leaks, its always refreshing to find a committed and professional roofing company for repairs. Los Angeles Roofing Pro is the company we worked with and are pleased to recommend it to anyone in need of fast and quality repairmen. When we called to report the problem, the roofing contractor rushed to our home. But he wasnt in any hurry to assess the extent of the problem. That was good news. We were provided with a quote which was fair and the job was scheduled right away. As it turned out we had to replace a few shingles and take care of the gutters. Excellent price for the entire roof repair job. The leak was actually caused by the clogged gutters and the shingles were replaced as a precaution. This was not mandatory and I appreciated the honesty of the contractor. Since the leak was caused by the gutters, we plan to call them back for gutter cleaning more often. As an overall, we loved the good work and consistency.