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Reporter is the reporting Application for PFM (PostFrame Manager) and other BizPortz Construction and DIY industry products. It works in conjunction with the Report Controller application.

The reporting and appearance will depend on what's being done at the time and how PFM is configured. It's task oriented. The tabs shown here reflect the 3 general tasks:

  1. Sales
  2. Post Sale
  3. Analysis

For example, sales staff do not need to do analytical work,so the post sale and analysis tabs do not appear. This feature lets you configure Reporter for the intended use and keep confusing, superfluous reports from appearing.

The underlying idea behind Reporter is that is the final step in the workflow process and that this final step may vary depending on what you are doing. Here's the typical PFM workflow:

The report stage will vary depending on what's being accomlished.

In the setup mode, you are tuning PFM to have it reflect your construction preferences. You will need to use the analytical tools. Is PFM using the lumber you expected? Is it using the correct count of trim pieces? And so on.

Note that the analysis printouts are generated from the data which is available via the tabs. That's because when you are getting the system set up to your processes, you will want a way to examine the data. What's on these tabs allows you to fine tune PFM in every aspect.

In Post-Sale mode, reporting needs to include Purchase Orders and data feeds to your POS system -- in other words, detailed lists of materials.

For Post-Sale work, the standard set of requested reports will get generated, which includes purchase orders in HTML format and delimited files for Point of Sale (POS) systems.

Note that "standard" files will depend on the report package (yes you can configure what you output via the Report Controller Application.) Also, as you can see PFM can be set up to work directly with virtually any POS system. We're happy to add yours. Call 1-800-375-2547 and ask for details.

In Sales mode, reporting is limited primarily to printing of a quote and possibly a limited set of drawings and/or 3D renderings for the customer. Note the two quote buttons. The upper button is used to simply print the quote on the fly, whereas the lower button is used to quote via the quotation app, which lets you save a copy electronically with building options and pricing as of the save date. Which one you choose to use depends on your business requirements.

See the Run PagePrnt 3D Pic Utility button? Here is an explanation of that.

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