Wing Menu

The Wing Attributes Menu is invoked from the (right click) main menu --

The left side of this window is a tree system. By clicking the '-' or '+' boxes you expand or contract the branches. A quick glance will show a green check next to the currently selected item. Items (branches) that have been adjusted or changed have a small "light bulb" icon that will help you keep track of what you've done.

On the right side (the majority of the space) is typically a graphic showing you what the currently selected item is intended to do. Some selections aren't very helpful with the limited amount of text we can show on the tree system, so this area is used to illustrate the effects of a choice.

For example, what would Spacing Method (referring to posts) tell you just from the available method names? Not necessarily a great deal. But by showing the methods graphically, you can get a better idea of what the choices do.

Each time you make a change click the ACCEPT button to indicate that the change is to be made. Think of this as being like "Final Answer" on the Millionaire game show. When you are finished with making changes click the RETURN button.

Tree Ordering, Arrangement, and Item Selection

This is actually up to you. Not us. The downloadable product ships with an example menu but you aren't obligated to keep this. The items you care to change and in what order are strictly your choice. For instance, the default tree system has a listing for purlins, as in how they are laid out: butt joint, overlapped, or hung. If you always overlap then you can simply set your program default to OVERLAP and then delete the menu item. It doesn't need to appear on the menu if you don't change this.

Or let's say that YOU as a builder may want to experiment with pricing on hung purlins but you don't want your sales people selling this quite yet. This is simple as well. On YOUR copy of the software, you enable the purlin options. On the copies used by the sales people, remove it. As a rule you will want to remove all menu items that you don't want your sales staff changing.

The default tree system ordering as shipped is also under your control. You don't have to have posts a category of their own if you don't think of them that way. They can easily be a function of framing if that is how you view things.

Menu Item Specific Help

See the little question mark just to the left of lower center? When this lights up, help is available in text form regarding what you have selected. Rather than have you scroll through HTML pages, basic information about a selection appears as you need to see it.

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