Roofline Details

After you have drawn a building outline, this window appears for you to indicate the roofline characteristics you intended. You can also invoke this window from the main right-click menu.

For each of the "radio button" items (Pitch, Overhang, Heel) the dropdowns will show the selected value as well as the allowable values. The intent here is to not only define the roofline, but also to tell PFM what truss (if trusses are used) to locate in the Truss database. If you enter a heel value of 4 inches and you only have 7 inch heels in your database, PFM will not be able to price the truss accurately. In day to day use your typical default values will be those your database contains. So why do we allow for values not in the database? Maybe you're building with rafters on this building. You still need to control the roof shape.

Note that endwall overhangs refer to BOTH endwalls.

The Force Ridge Direction checkbox is used to change the orientation of the roof with respect to the orientation of the building. Normally the ridge is parallel to the long axis (whichever way you have drawn the building outline.) When checked, this value forces the ridge to be perpendicular to the long axis.

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