Example: Walls

Wall construction consists of splash/skirting, girts to apply siding to, and girders (or truss carriers) for load carrying. These are of course standard things; you can set the default behaviors for these in the ALL WALLS or SIDEWALLS sections in the Wing Attributes menu (see orange circle in the example.)

What may not seem straightforward is how to set up the parameters to build a bit different than standard. In this illustration, the menu allows you to enforce even spacings or bookshelf girting. Note that the default girt spacing shown (Default Exterior Girt Spacing) is set to 24 inches. This will be discussed later.

There are times where it's desirable to have a wall open or partially so. In this product, this is a relatively simple thing to accomplish. First, navigate to the menu section for the wall in question and locate the Open Wall? item. If neither of these checks is selected, it's a full wall. In this example, we'll do a partiall open wall.

Next, locate the Override Default Girt Spacing item; we're going to make a change to this. Note that 08ft.GRT file is chosen as the spacing.

A GRT file is a text list of girt positions; each line denotes the centerline position of the girt related to grade. In a partially open wall, the wall will extend from the top to the lowest girt position.

Using the GRT file shown, this is now how the wall is constructed and appears in 3D accordingly (as seen from the building interior) --

You can easily relocate the Open Wall? item and select Entire Wall Is Open which will then appear as follows:


Under the Skin menu item, you can choose to add wainscoting by selecting a material and a height. By default, this will add wainscoting to your building. This is simple enough. But... how do you wainscot only the wall that will face a street? The answer is to use the Nailer Height menu item on each wall, as shown here. The idea is that a nailer height = 0 tells the system to not wainscot a wall.

And you can see that the resulting 3D image reflects this choice --


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