Using The Offset Control Utility

Offset is the amount of "fudge" factor that is used to control sding calculations based on the type of siding material as well as building style. Commonly the offset is used to regulate panel lengths for this type of siding and is based on the overhang. The thinking here is that soffit application dictates that siding may not need to extend fully to the underside of the truss top chord.

Similarly, offsets can also be applied to the bottom. This is common in methods where the siding is applied a few inches above grade. Note that the offset also applies to the sheathing material used. (e.g. OSB)

Offsets have the effect of reducing the overall area reported and reflected in the purchase orders. Panel lengths in panelizsed siding types (e.g. steel) may be reduced as the desired result. Re sheathing, this is always calculated in terms of square footage, so offsets tend to reduce the square footage needed if they are applied (clicking the YES checkboxes.)

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