Using The PagePrint Utility

When you do a quote, one thing that works to help close a sale is lots of pictures. PagePrint is designed to allow you to create pictures of the virtual 3D structure and get printed copies.

The first thing that needs to happen is that you need pictures. To take a 3D picture, use the camera icon when in 3D mode:

When using the Reporter application to create a customer quote, note the button for running the PagePrint Utility.

When in the utility --

The templates are page arrangements. As per on-screen instruction, use the up/down arrows to cycle to a pleasing template. Then, to insert a picture into a position, just click the blank rectangle:

Click the blank rectangle brings up a selector. Cycle through the available snaps to locate one you like, and click it.

The blank rectangle now shows you the selected snap in the desired position. After you have selected the snapshots you want, click the Print button. The page can then be bundled with your quotation package you hand to your customer.

Running 3D

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