Inside The Mnemnonics System

To start, let's look at the big picture. This software takes user input on the screen mixed with preference data from the disk and does the basic calculations. These calculations (Calculation Engine #1) result in measurements. These are "exposed", or available, to the control files.

The idea is simple. For example attaching a girt to a post is a measurement "exposed" as GTE. Whether trim, labor, or fasteners, the control file for each of these categories looks for GTE and then applies whatever the control value is. This is then pulled back in by the software, mixed with price data, and recalculated.

Here's the list of Labor mnemonics.

BLT -- lateral bracing to trusses
BLX -- X bracing to trusses
BTC -- Base trim connector
CLR -- Closure at ridge
CLE -- Closure at eave
CRI -- Inside corner trim
CRO -- Outside corner trim
EAV -- Eave length
EVO -- Eave meas only if sidewall overhang
FEE -- Fascia to roof edge eave
FEG -- Fascia to roof edge gable
FSE -- Fascia to eave
FSG -- Fascia to gable
FSL -- Fascia lumber to trusses
GAB -- Eave length endwall
GBO -- Gable meas only if endwall overhang
GDB -- Gutter downspout brackets
GDE -- Girders to posts
GTE -- Ext girt to post
GTI -- Int girt to post
GTP -- Int stud to plates
GTX -- Gutter elbows
GUE -- Gutter endcaps
GUH -- Gutter hangars
GUL -- Gutter endcap (LEFT)
GUR -- Gutter endcap (RIGHT)
HGH -- Roof to higher wall
IBT -- Insulation batt/roll
IRS -- Insulation rigid
IRW -- Insulation wrap
LDT -- Tops of sliding doors
LDS -- Sides of sliding doors
LDB -- Bottoms of sliding doors
LDR -- Track cover of sliding doors
LVE -- Liner Corner
LBE -- Liner Base
LCE -- Liner Ceiling
MRD -- Ridge on standalone mono roof
MRF -- Metal roofing
MSD -- Metal siding
MWD -- Attach Metal Wainscot Siding
OCP -- Overhang peak count, endwall peaks with overhang
OHT -- Tops of overhead doors
OHS -- Sides of overhead doors
OHB -- Bottoms of overhead doors
PHD -- Hung Roofing Purlin Double Saddle Hanger
PHS -- Hung Roofing Purlin Single Saddle Hanger
PLT -- Sill plates to floor
PLU -- Upper plates to girders
PRC -- Ceil purlins to trusses
PRD -- Hung Ceiling Purlin Double Saddle Hanger
PRL -- Roof purlins to trusses
PRS -- Hung Ceiling Purlin Single Saddle Hanger
PST -- Nonembedded posts
PSA -- Embedded posts
RCP -- Ridge cap
ROB -- Bottoms of rough openings
ROS -- Sides of rough openings
ROT -- Tops of rough openings
RRB -- Rafters to ridge beams
RSH -- Roof sheathing
RSU -- Roof underlayment
RTG -- Rafters to girders
RVG -- Ridge vent gasket
RVT -- Ridge vent
SDB -- Bottoms of service doors
SDS -- Sides of service doors
SDT -- Tops of service doors
SFE -- Soffit (Endwall)
SFU -- Soffit, unvented
SFV -- Soffit, vented
SHR -- Shake roofing
SHS -- Shake roofing
SLF -- Lap siding
SPE -- Ext splash to posts
SPI -- Int splash to posts
SSH -- Siding sheathing
SSU -- Siding underlayment
TRU -- Trusses to posts
TRG -- Trusses to girders
VTR -- Valleys
WTC -- Wainscot trim connector
WNR -- Wainscot nailers to posts
WNT -- Tops of windows
WNS -- Sides of windows
WNB -- Bottoms of windows

BAD NEWS: This is a BIG list.
GOOD NEWS: You only set it up once.

Furthermore, if you really look at the list (don't just scan it and say "Oh Dear") you'll see that you can claculate labor for every possible connection point. What this means is that -- ONCE YOU GET IT SET UP -- you're never going to guess what the labor on a structure is. You'll know.

Now, does getting this set up take some time? Yes. But you do it once. Plus, we have Application Specialists who can help.

MORE GOOD NEWS: We provide utilities to make this task more manageable. Take a look at the labor setup. Not quite as scary this time.

This is pretty simple. You figure out what you pay the crews, and enter that rate. Then you go through the list and enter how many minutes a particular task ought to take. Takes a little time to go through the list, but the results are spectacular.

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